Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Five: Fools Akimbo

The work got started early last night, though it proved that people will do anything to nail people's gullibility. Even put a template up resembling a solid newspaper look and getting people to bite. There's not fooling in the F5, because it's always crap.

1. Many people bit on the April Fools' gag of Mario Lemieux saying Matt Cooke is gone from the Penguins. Does that mean it's not so far-fetched??

The gag was really perfectly done, as the template was done very professionally. Yet, the fact many people believed it and didn't see it coming (the joke or announcement) shows that it may not be as far-fetched as some people would believe. Granted, Cooke has two more years on his contract at $1.8M cap-hit and a buyout could be rough, while trying to get rid of him maybe difficult as well. At the same time, if Cooke cleaned up his act-- he could actually be a valuable trading chip; but unlikely we'll come down to that.

2. Staying on that-- how much are people making of the Sidney Crosby traveling with the team??

It's definitely a good step for people who think the NHL or Penguins can't survive without him; though both are pretty well-off since his injury. But it is a big step and since he's the biggest name to ever get a concussion in the NHL-- people will knit-pick every detail. Sure, he's looked good when he was on the ice by himself and in no-contact situations. It's one thing to be okay in a beer-league situation, but when he gets there in a game situation we'll see if he can have the same vision in traffic situations. There's a lot of news that's given and maybe too much-- but still, it should be given considering the plight and steps NHL and their member teams are taking to learn more about concussions.

3. More remarkable, though-- Daymond Langkow coming back after many thought he may have to retire. This may not help the Flames this year, but what about next year??

If Langkow can actually do something these last few games with the Flames, odds are he could be dangled out there to other teams to clear his $4.5M cap hit for next year. But, the story of Langkow is an interesting one, especially considering he had spinal cord damage after taking a shot to the back of the neck last March. Even with a set-back this summer, him coming back is a great story and up there with other guys who have suffered possible career-ending injuries.

4. The Canucks have won the President's Trophy, which many think is a curse. Are they right in saying that??

The thing that's working on the side of the Canucks is the fact the last four President's Trophy winners were out of the Western Conference. Of course, no team who had over 120 points when winning the President's Trophy has ever won the Cup and the Canucks can top out at 121, so there's that. Plus, the fact the there's already pressure for the Canucks past underachieving Playoff performances-- there's going to be a large microscope for the Canucks.

5. Flat out-- who wins the Hart Trophy??

It has to be either Corey Perry or Tim Thomas; my nod going to Perry. The Sedins kind of cancel each other out and Martin St. Louis and Steven Stamkos cancel each other out since they're on the same team and you can't have two guys valuable to their team and win the Hart. Perry I think gets it because of the fact he's a big part in the resurgence of the Ducks from the start to the finish. While I don't slight Thomas, my thought is that the Vezina is the MVP for goalies and may not get the nod for Hart consideration.


That's another F-5 done. Great. Any topics or suggestions should be directed to and if not-- you'll get my questions and my answers. Huzzah!!

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