Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Isles Continue The Retro Trend

First off, you'll see how happy Bill Guerin looks in the new third jerseys. Maybe he's just elated to play on Long Island. Whatever it is, gotta love the captain's excitement about not only the jersey, but the team as a whole.

Anyway, this Islanders jersey is continuing in the retro theme of the Oilers and Leafs. However, the numbers on the back, the name on the back, and the captain's "C" look very huge on this jersey. Obviously, they are trying to keep the same feel of the era it came from in this modern design.

One thing that really gets me is the immediate stop on the back of the socks. Reebok has the ability to keep the new sock and let it go all the way around the sock, as well as make and immediate drop off of the stripe like seen on the Lightning and Senators socks.....but for it to immediate stop in the back with no rhyme or reason to, it's shocking to me.

All around, it keeps the feels of the era it came from and is a solid effort from Reebok on this one. I don't know what to expect with some of the bad ones that could be coming along.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Around The Rink 10.27.08

Bringing back this old chestnut to keep things a-poppin' and get a lot of small topics under on umbrella....ella....ella.

-One of the big topics is what about Doug Weight's hit on Brandon Sutter. Personally, this is basically the same hit Steve Moore put on Markus Naslund, but much harder. Sutter was going full bore when he lunged at the puck, while Doug Weight seemed to come from across the ice to hit Sutter. While, if Sutter was standing up it'd be a solid it, I still think a charging call should have at least come from it. Weight took more than three steps and really didn't even try to play the puck. I don't anything should happen in terms of suspension, but what Jim Rutherford brings up in terms of the NHL caring about headshots may ring a little true. It doesn't have to be a dirty hit to be a headshot.

-The Washington Capitals allowed Alex Ovechkin return to Russia to be with his grandfather and will not play in Nashville. The Caps will monitor the situation and we'll see how long Ovechkin will be out. Family comes first for Ovechkin, which can be considered a good thing, though Caps fans may not like it. Also, I believe this could be some form of motivation that could be used for Ovechkin to jet his game back on track. Ovechkin has kind of stumbled out of gates, but there could be a reason for that now.

-Luke Schenn was told that he won't be returned to Kelowna in the WHL and will stay up with the big club. Schenn has made a big impression with the Leafs brass and should continue to do so throughout the season. You wonder how many other borderline juniors may or may not be returned to their club, with Zach Boychuk being the first to be returned as Carolina sent him back to Lethbridge of the WHL. Granted, this could also bring up the debate of pushing a player who is impressive, but still too young to make a huge mark for a whole season. Only time will tell.

-Super Saturday was a hit, Slothful Sunday-- not so much. Totals show that it was a high-octane show. 99 goals were scored, 974 shots were taken, five teams had over 40 shots, four goalies had over 40 saves, and 14 out of the 30 teams had four goals or more. Gary Bettman must have been happy for the scoring chances that were given and the goals that were scored.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dildo Throwing 101

If you haven't heard about the AIK Dildo Throwing Incident, check out Shynner for details about it and the follow-up to it. On FOHS, we talked for about 20 minutes about the incident at the end of the show and different methods that could be used in throwing a dildo onto the ice. You can pick up the show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

What you're about to see is why we love our fans so much. One anonyomus fan of the show decided to take to the test to the streets (literally) and test out which method could be the best when throwing a dildo.

First, the Football Method:

Second, the Axe Throw Method

Third, the Frisbee Method

Finally, the "Javelin" Method, which turns into the hybrid of discus and frisbee

For more on this whole thing, you can take part in our FOHS Dildo Throwing Poll on our message board and use this scientific method when you have to throw a dildo onto the ice....which really won't happen unless you're in Sweden.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Never Too Early For Controversy

While we're not ten games into the new season, you can bet that the wheels are starting to turn on goaltending controversies around the league. Off the top of my head, three teams are coming to mind when it comes to who's going to start over who in net on any given night.

We'll start with the Ottawa Senators, and I know what you're thinking "I thought this was over when Ray Emery went to Russia." Well, you thought wrong. Coach Craig Hartsburg and his staff are growing tired of Martin Gerber's subpar performances and are letting Alex Auld get a look this weekend. For some reason, Gerber isn't successful unless there's no pressure on him. He worked out as a back-up in limited showings and worked out in Carolina when there was no pressure-- then the playoffs hit. He moved to Ottawa and had his ups and downs, but the downs are mostly more notable. Alex Auld has played well for the Sens in his limited showing, but will he have enough to be a starter or even in a goalie-by-committee state?? Only time will tell.

Another place where controversy could reign is the Windy City, where waiver bait Nikolai Khabibulin has been on top of his game in his past few appearances, which not only makes him look good to other teams who may be interested in him, but also make the Hawks brass look a little silly when it comes to the thought of getting rid of him. All the while, the new guy Cristobal Huet hasn't looked bad, but hasn't looked overly stellar either. For the amount each of these guys make, you'd expect nothing but the best from them, but you know as well as I that it's never the case when it comes to money and performance.

One developing situation could be in Washington, where Jose Theodore's start with the Capitals hasn't been as rosy as many would have hoped. Brent Johnson has played relatively well in terms of filling in, but as a whole-- the Caps could be stuck with two mediorce goaltenders, which will probably be their downfall in the end. Of course, you could always wonder what could have happened if Huet was re-signed but look at it like it is....don't know if that would have helped matters at all or not.

Another problem that could arise is in Edmonton, where they have three goaltenders rostered and nowhere to put them. While Mathieu Garon seems to be the consenus #1, Dwayne Roloson and Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers are battling for the back-up spot. However, they can't risk sending Drouin-Deslauries down to the minors because that exposes him to the waiver wire, where odds are he'll get picked off from there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two For Toronto??

The Globe and Mail is reporting that there's some murmurs from some on the Board of Governors that the Toronto market is big enough for a second team. Also, from these murmurs-- the sky is blue and ice is cold. Not only is the market big enough, but there are enough media outlets to be able to cover both of them. Gotta love it.

However, the best part is that Jim Balsillie's name is being brought into the fold. According to one anonymous source, there's a chance that Balsillie will be awarded an expansion franchise to be put in such a market. As we know, I'm a big supporter of Balsillie as an owner in the NHL and if he can get an expansion franchise, the sky is the limit for him as a whole. Of course, there's a suggestion that relocation is better than expansion.

The big hurdle is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment President Richard Peddie said that they wouldn't outright deny the idea, which of course means that they'll wait to see the compensation they would receive before they say yay or nay to the whole thing. Peddie said the Leafs wouldn't be hurt, but I think that in the back of his head he hopes that things would get better so they could actually be taken seriously when they say they wouldn't mind.

Yet, my thought is why has it taken this long for some "serious" talk about this to be brought to the table?? Obviously, there has been some just random water-cooler talk about the idea of bringing two teams to the GTA, but nothing too, too serious. If it took this long to think about it, how long would the execution take for it to happen?? Especially considering the Maple Leafs stranglehold on the market up there, why would they want to give up any of that?? As much posteuring as they do trying to look like they'll be inviting to the idea, you know they want to keep all the money for themselves and keep the attention on them.

One of the more self-serving quotes from Peddie was him saying MLSE could make money off of renting ice to the other team. Listen Richy and the rest of those jobbers, if Balsillie gets the team-- you can bet he would put up money for a new arena for himself and go against Air Canada Centre in terms of getting concerts and events there. Then, you can bet that the war would be on when it comes to the Toronto market in everything from hockey to the next Rolling Stones farewell tour.

Monday, October 20, 2008

At Least I'm First Somewhere

It's been two weeks and I'm somewhat pleased with my big team, Glen Burnie HC. The first week, I was able to capture a 7-2 win over Todd Butts' Lubomirs and Olegs to hold first place in the first week. The second week was much more rewarding with a 9-2 over one of the English blokes, the Pirhana Petes, keeping me in first place with a 16-4-4 record.

Like I said before, I take the GBHC league a little more seriously since it is the league for FOHS and I need to save some face somehow. Plus, I need to get back to my championship ways and it seems the league keeps getting bigger and bigger in terms of participants so the competition gets better and better. It makes some moves in the first few round crucial since pickings are slim in the later rounds.

In one of my other leagues, Leahy's GFH league-- the Aston HC contingent could be doing worse, but could be doing better. The first week, I got hammered 7-1 by Kessel's Jewel-- which is a funny name because it's true. The second week was redemption with a 7-2 victory over Black n' Blue Line. Let's hope the second week result continues on. The set-up in Leahy's gig is good and I like the forward and defense thing because you could have five centers playing at once and not have to decide who starts over who.

In my other league, which is put together by Captain Bosh and his Playoff Beard league, I may as well trade things away for parts. While I barely lost to the Carolina Creatures 6-4, Slue Foot took the legs right out of Aston HC by beating them 7-3. It's always a rough scenario, but it's early and I'm sure things can change instantly.

It should be a fun season all around, but heaven knows if I get too pissed, I may need to get a new laptop and may actually be fired as GM from my own fantasy hockey team. I wonder if things like that have ever happened before and if I would need to go to the insane aslyum for it....again.


FOHSHL: Glen Burnie HC: 16-4-4, 1st place
GFH-Norris: Aston HC: 8-9-3, 8th place
PBHL: Aston HC: 7-13-4, T-9th place

Who's The Next To Go??

Denis Savard set the standard already for the 2008-09 coaching carousel by getting canned four games into the season in favor of Joel Quenneville, but now the question is-- since the first domino has been hit; who's going to be the next to tumble?? There are plenty out there who could definitely be ousted, but only a couple have a serious chance of getting their walking papers.

First up, Randy Carlyle. After a dismal 1-5 start, odds are the Anaheim Ducks head man is going to be the top candidate to be ousted next. While he was able to right the Stanley Cup champions banner for two years, as well as a big hangover from last season-- odds are that if the Ducks are going to be a contender, they need a new voice at the head of that ship. Carlyle's message may be lost or the teams are just that much better than the Ducks, but they need to get things righted before the team goes completely south for the winter. Heh, a migration joke-- get it??

Second would have to be Mike Keenan, but like I said in a previous post, I don't think that's the best route for the Flames. Keenan can be a hardass, but in the end-- he could be what the Flames need to keep them going and keep them hungry. If the Flames management give into demands, they'll be in another Jim Playfair situation where the players like the easy-going demeanor, but the thirst for success could be something that is lacking should they make the playoffs.

While it's only five games in, maybe Barry Melrose isn't the best idea for a coach in the "new" NHL. He's been out of the game way too long and it's showing that he could be not what the Bolts needed. Granted, he has been taking action by calling out his team two games into the season and limiting the minutes of their young star Steve Stamkos; it could be those things that the ownership didn't count on when hire him....or signing the players they did. It could be a stretch, but if things don't get better-- Matthew Barnaby may have to make room for Melrose back at ESPN.

John Stevens is a young coach and did a lot for the Flyers last year, but some reason-- they aren't clicking this year. Is this the time for Stevens to step down as an assistant?? Sure, it's five games in, but the Flyers have been losing leads late and haven't had the spark they had last year to start the season. With the Philly fateful very demanding, it could be time for Paul Holmgren to make a chance, which may start behind the bench.

Granted, I said that Barry Trotz was going to be the first guy out, but the Predators have been doing somewhat solid. It's been a long time for Trotz behind the Preds bench and he could be on a tight leash this season-- but he's getting things done for now, yet be sure that David Poile could be looming over Trotz in the shadows. I'd say Trotz's neck is on the line.....but that would require him to have one.

I'll be here all week, try the veal-- up next, Rich Vos.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jumping Coyotes or Roadkill??

Depending on what you think of their play, the roadkill line could be fitting for the Coyotes-- but that's not what I'm really alluding to. The fine folks over at Icethetics apparently leaked the new third jerseys of the Phoenix Coyotes, another black uniform design. The picture is provided by Icethetics as well, as the watermark tells you already

Now, I don't know how to feel about this. The front logo itself is kinda meh. I don't think that a lone object appearing like it's jumping doesn't end up getting it's desired intention and makes it feel like, well, the roadkill that many thought when the the grainy pictures started to come out in early September.

As far as the color scheme, it looks alright on the surface, and I do like the alternate paws logo for the one shoulder, but I'm not sure how it's going to look with the maroon that the Coyotes have for helmets, gloves, and pants. There's always a thought that could pull something like the Hurricanes and Oilers and have an alternate black pair for the jerseys, but I don't know if that's a trend that many team are willing to keep up for a long time.

We'll have to see how it appears on the ice when all is said and done, but it looks like a solid effort and much better than Atlanta's choice of third jersey options which still bugs and disgusts me to no end.

Fanning the Flames

Living in this city, you can almost hear the wheel of the Calgary Flames bandwagon coming off. You can see the effigies being built for Miikka Kiprusoff and/or Mike Keenan. You see the confusion in people's eyes when they look at Todd Bertuzzi leading the team in goals and second in points. The embarassment of the fact that only Daymond Langkow, Andre Roy, and Eric Nystrom are the only rostered players that are not a minus.

Things are going bad for the Flames, but this isn't like any ordinary October slump however. There is no joy in the Saddledome. There is no ray of light that could be beaming through-- especially after two losses to the hated Edmonton Oilers. I won't say that they can't bounce back, because they have 77 games left to make up for it-- however, that being said-- something needs to be shaken up and quickly. With only one win in those games, all of them close...a drastic change may be needed to wake up the Flames.

What's the move though?? Do you fire Mike Keenan and bring in someone who is a little more, let's say, likeable; behind the bench?? Do you bench Kipper and see what Curtis McElhinney can do?? Is there something to wake up guys like Jarome Iginla and Craig Conroy?? What can be done in order to right the ship??

Personally, I think you need to send a message to Kipper. You don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction and fire Keenan, though it may be what's needed, you have to keep him back there for experience. Kiprusoff has always had bad Octobers. Maybe this is the year you give the back-up some looks in the early going so that maybe Kipper can settle down and get focused again. Plus, who knows what McElhinney can do if he's never given the chance.

However, with Iginla, there's only so much he can do to get himself up and only so much others can do to keep him help. There's no doubt he's the heart and soul of this team and he's doing all he can. I'm sure he'll catch his stride, but he's been stiffled so far, which may get him frustrated and off his game enough to completely ruin his first month of the season.

Bottom line, something has to be done because if this funk last too long, it could be a time to trade away for the future, as drastic as it may sound.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thrashers Trash; Retro Leafs and Oilers

After looking at it, I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. I have to say that this design is just....awful. Not just for the chunk of white on the shoulders, the lack of shoulder numbers, and the college front look, but as my pal Kym said-- it looks like a football jersey; especially with that huge number on the front.

And, it was mentioned somewhere else, but you'd think with all the promotional work that the team did with their "Blueland" concept...they wouldn't go with the maroon theme. It's just one of those things it seems, just roll with the punches. Of the third jerseys-- these could be the worst...until the Lightning and Senators roll out their alleged nickname line.

So, the Oilers jersey is pretty vintage, but they're going with the Hurricanes theme of having everything match from pants, to helmets-- so it's a solid match. The worst things I could remember was the St. Louis Blues and LA Kings retro games when they just wore the retro jerseys and socks and not going with the pants and helmet to match the attire.

The Leafs decided to go with the retro way too and it's no different from their old alternate in going vintage. They don't need much to match since they pretty much keep everything going the same way with socks and what not. It's not that big of a leap, but good execution.

So, in the words of Meatloaf-- two out of three ain't bad.....for now.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hot-lanta The Hot Topic

I use this picture to try and ease the pain of the Atlanta Thrashers fateful.

Brought up by the Falconer, continued by Lil' Jimmy and Shynner (with my suspect that it's almost the same effin' post), but guess what kids, the Atlanta Thrashers could be the newest contestant on the hit hockey game show "Which Hockey Team Below The Mason-Dixon Line Wants A New Zip Code" or NAMBLA for short (credit: Jon Stewart for that gag).

That's right, after the sparlking report that the Thrashers' season ticket racket is down 40% from last season and that the owners of the team are entrenched in a legal battle that'd make the Predators impressed; it seems that the Thrashers future in Atlanta could be coming to a close soon. Of course, last season, you have to look at the Thrashers a season after their first playoff appearance (if you want to call it that) and the hint that they could be building on something good-- man, were they wrong.

But didn't we learn this from the Flames back in the '80s and the Braves from their mini-NL East Dynasty-- Atlanta isn't a sports town. I'm sorry, when you have a team like the Braves who dominated the NL East for the longest time and they still can't sell out opening days in a new ballpark, you have issues. It's a front-running city, which there's nothing too wrong with it for fickle sports fans, but when you're trying to run one of these teams-- it's horror.

It's not like the team doesn't have a future. They have a guy in Ilya Kovalchuk, who is one of the top goal-scorers in the league, they have Kari Lehtonen, who has the potential to be a top-tier goalie, and they have a solid young blueline to come up in the long as they aren't traded away for pucks.

And that's where the whole issue is-- Don Waddell. There's a thought that the mis-management of the Thrashers is all to blame on Waddell. With the recent Ondrej Pavelic situation, you'd have to wonder if that's the right way to think or if you could think any differently. If you change who's in the GM role sooner, could this situation be as bad as it's gotten?? Would the deals that Waddell made ones that an outside opinion would make?? Did they benefit the team in the long-run?? Okay, that one is obvious-- it didn't.

Far be it from me to question an NHL GM, but it's armchair GMs like myself who are the ones who decide if they want to shell out the cash to see these teams in person or kick back on the couch and watch it from home. Those are the people you need to apease in order to keep a fan base. Granted, hindsight for many is 20/20, but it is what it is. You have to pander to the fans if you want to be successful, which-- even then-- isn't always successful. Winning helps pander, but mismanagement just angers fans and makes them dive off the bandwagon.

In the end, we'll see what happens with the Thrashers. They seem to be a prime candidate for the Jim Balsillie phone list, but time will tell if he wants to risk an investment like that. In the end, the biggest question is this-- did Lil' Jon renew his season tickets??

Don't Anger The Mullet

After a pair of 2-1 defeats, Barry Melrose and his stylish coif were a bit upset for the lack of production on the shot chart and scoresheet for having 139 forwards on the Lightning roster. Only two goals and 40 shots in 120 minutes of play will make for a long season, especially when giving up 80 shots. Lucky for Melrose, his goalies were ready, only letting in four goals.

Yet, the same concern that Melrose has now, are the same that many pundits had when the roster was finalized. In an article of the Czech media bashing the boring games between the Bolts and Rangers, Melrose had a great quote regarding his defense: ""It's not like we can airlift six veteran D in here tomorrow."

After letting up 80 shots in 120 minutes and getting thoroughly trounced 63-20 in the first two periods' SOGs combined of both games-- you have to wonder if the defense will lobby for a five period game so they can get used to the first four minutes and be able to play the next sixty. While it may take some time for the the youngsters to mature-- they better do it pretty effin' quick because there's no room for error.

That's why it's a concern for many. It's not like there's a mix of vets and young guns on the blueline for the Bolts, it's all young guys, all guys who may have a bright future; but lack the experience needed to counteract the barrage they'll be seeing this season. When you consider the money that the new owners were willing to throw around-- you may think they could have made a play for Brian Campbell or Rob Blake or even Mathieu Schneider if for nothing else but for some experience to help mentor these kids and maybe take some pressure off the youngsters.

More over, after the weekend, Melrose said that his top guys need to play as well as the bottom six on the depth chart and that he hoped the players were embarassed with their play during one of the periods because he was sure the ownership and management were.

You can question Melrose being out of the game for a while and that he may be lost with the new rules and everything to open up the game; but he's doing the right thing by calling out his guys now rather than down the line. It's only two games in and if Melrose can light a fire into his top guns early, then you can right the ship before it starts getting too bad and the in-fighting happens.

Of course, this could have a negative reaction and if the harking keeps happening; it'll get real old, real fast and things could get really bad in Tampa Bay. If the Bolts wanted the attention on them, they certain will get it because if the lack of production keeps happening-- they'll be under every media microscope as far as the internet can reach.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What Have We Learned: European Openers Edition

The weekend that was the NHL Premiere started up in Prague and ended with Stockholm and had one series that had the same result each time and the other splitting it up the middle. Did this show that the NHL can thrive in Europe?? The fans were pretty dormant and got up for the right times, but I think the jury is still out on all of it.

New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning in Prague, Czech Republic-The Lightning gave up 80 shots in the first two game, but only allowed four goals. The problem with that is that the offensive power the Bolts were hoping for didn't click in the first two games. Unless goal support happens or some sort of defense formed, Mike Smith and Olaf Kolzig will be two tired goaltenders by the All-Star Break. No truth to the rumor that they'll co-own a Goodyear store by that time since they'll be experts at rubber treads that that point.

-It looks like Markus Naslund could be regaining his old form. With a goal and an assist in the series, he seems to be clicking well with Scott Gomez.

-The Rangers stingy defense is back again, only allowing 40 shots and two goals in the series and the rumors about Henrik Lundqvist possible knee problems could be just those-- rumors. He looked pretty solid this weekend, which is a great sign for the Rangers fateful.

-Steven Stamkos looked like he has all the tools the people were going crazy about this summer. He has the speed, the shot, but just needs to hone the accuracy and get a break here and there and he'll be good to go.

-It looks like Andrej Meszaros and Matt Carle will be the top dogs on the Bolts defense. The problem with that is if they get burned too much, the odds are they'll get wrecked before they can reach their full potential.

Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins in Stockholm, Sweden
-The whole Darth Gerber look doesn't go over well with white pads. And speaking of helmets, I think Alex Auld's mask looks overall better than the Gerber dark-side stuff. However, there could be a fight between Auld and Gerber, especially if Auld can keep up a solid play and Gerber lets up softies every now and again.

-If you wanted special teams play, these were the games for you. Six of the 11 goals scored came on the special teams: four on the power play and two shorthanded goals on Saturday's match-up. Both these teams have high octane power plays, but Ottawa connected on three of the power play goals scored.

-Kris Letang looked really solid out there as he seems to be the new wave of defensemen in the Penguins system. He'll need to prove himself beyond this weekend, but looks like he could improve solidly throughout the season.

-With this weekend done, Sidney Crosby is on pace for 82 points, which will be a huge disappointment to poolies if he actually only can get a point-per-game.

-If Shean Donovan is going to be part of the Senators secondary scoring-- it could be a long year. The top three for the Sens were the ones who got the job done, of course. However, it's the same thing for the Sens every year-- the need for someone else to help pot goals at a consecutive rate in order for the team to succeed.

As a whole, it seemed to be another somewhat success for the NHL. We'll see how they plan to build on it for next year and where some locations could be at. Those suggestions from me will come in time, I'm sure.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Balsillie's Back!!

It was a few weeks, but Jim Balsillie is back in the news again, this time wanting to take over William "Boots" Del Biaggio's 27% share in the Nashville Predators. There must be something really special about the Predators if Balsillie keeps going to this ol' chestnut. Of course, he tried to buy the team for $220M, but that fell through when the silly goose started selling season tickets for the Hamilton franchise....when he didn't own the team yet.

Now, I'm a big fan of Balsillie and think that he's a good asset for the NHL if Mark Cuban doesn't want to own a team. He's got the money to support a team, he's got the desire to want to bring the NHL back to Canada, and he wants to expose the league in a good way.

Maybe it's time that Balsillie contacted Alan Cohen of the Florida Panthers to see if he's going to be selling anytime soon. Because, let's be honest-- of any team out there in the NHL; the odds are that the Panthers will be the next team on the block for new ownership and possibly a new locale. Sorry to say Panthers fan, the time could be running out for the Panthers in Miami.

We'll see how this all turns out, but odds are Balsillie could be shut down for those shares by the other owners in the group. Lil' Jimmy has a better, and probably more insightful take on it.

Publicity 101 or Should Goalies Be Able To Wear The "C"??

If there's one way to create a buzz throughout the blogosphere and hockey media (some can say it's one in the same), it's to buck tradition and go all out. It's worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning and their craziness this summer and it seems to be creating a buzz now as the Vancouver Canucks named Roberto Luongo team captain, making him the first "official" captain since Bill Durnan in '47-'48 to come from the goaltending fraternaty.

Granted, it's really only a sentimental pick, as Luongo can't wear the "C" or talk to the officials or take ceremonial face-offs-- that'll be left up to alternate captains Willie Mitchell and Mattias Ohlund.

However, it begs the question whether or not goaltenders should be allowed to wear the "C" if they are deserving of it. Honestly, on teams where there are no other solid options-- why the eff not?? Had the Capitals known about this a few years back, they could have been the ones who made this buzz by naming Olaf Kolzig captain. At that point, the Caps could have used all the publicity they could have used.

Though, there's the Pandora's Box thought that many teams will do the trend of naming goalies captains to get the buzz going when there are others on the team more deserving of the honor of being named captained.

That said, I can't think of many team who would consider their goalie their leader on the team. Just thinking through the squads and those who haven't named captains, I wouldn't pick the goalie on any of those teams that would actually think the goalie would be a viable option. Most team wouldn't have thought about the goaltender wearing the "C" unless they were in real dire straits, much like the Caps were back after the lockout happened in '05.

Yet, the underlying question is why is this rule still on the books?? I understand that goalies can't come past the blue line to dispute a call, but come on-- the fact of the matter is that many goalies shout at the refs on a goal call or possible interference, so it's almost old hat for them. And thinking about it, that's why they have alternates, to do things that the captain can't really do-- and begs the question of if there's a captain; why have alternates?? Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but the NHL has done away with some archaic rules as it is and seem to be able to change the rulebook at their will, so why not take out this 60-year-old rule that doesn't seem to fit.

So, should goalies be able to wear the "C"?? Of course, why shouldn't they?? If we can put electronics in pucks to make them light up, if we can use NASA to make the lightest sticks possible, and if Chris Chelios can continued to be re-signed; goalies should be able to wear the "C" on their jerseys.

Luongo can take solice in a couple things to come from this. First, since he plays almost every game, it's pretty solid of him to be named captain because he'll be out there more often than not, especially now. Second, it shows his true worth to the team and make him think about wanting to jump ship when the chips are down in the Canucks season. Finally, he'll at least have one "C" on his jersey thanks to the orca logo on the Canucks jerseys.