Monday, October 20, 2008

At Least I'm First Somewhere

It's been two weeks and I'm somewhat pleased with my big team, Glen Burnie HC. The first week, I was able to capture a 7-2 win over Todd Butts' Lubomirs and Olegs to hold first place in the first week. The second week was much more rewarding with a 9-2 over one of the English blokes, the Pirhana Petes, keeping me in first place with a 16-4-4 record.

Like I said before, I take the GBHC league a little more seriously since it is the league for FOHS and I need to save some face somehow. Plus, I need to get back to my championship ways and it seems the league keeps getting bigger and bigger in terms of participants so the competition gets better and better. It makes some moves in the first few round crucial since pickings are slim in the later rounds.

In one of my other leagues, Leahy's GFH league-- the Aston HC contingent could be doing worse, but could be doing better. The first week, I got hammered 7-1 by Kessel's Jewel-- which is a funny name because it's true. The second week was redemption with a 7-2 victory over Black n' Blue Line. Let's hope the second week result continues on. The set-up in Leahy's gig is good and I like the forward and defense thing because you could have five centers playing at once and not have to decide who starts over who.

In my other league, which is put together by Captain Bosh and his Playoff Beard league, I may as well trade things away for parts. While I barely lost to the Carolina Creatures 6-4, Slue Foot took the legs right out of Aston HC by beating them 7-3. It's always a rough scenario, but it's early and I'm sure things can change instantly.

It should be a fun season all around, but heaven knows if I get too pissed, I may need to get a new laptop and may actually be fired as GM from my own fantasy hockey team. I wonder if things like that have ever happened before and if I would need to go to the insane aslyum for it....again.


FOHSHL: Glen Burnie HC: 16-4-4, 1st place
GFH-Norris: Aston HC: 8-9-3, 8th place
PBHL: Aston HC: 7-13-4, T-9th place

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