Monday, October 27, 2008

Around The Rink 10.27.08

Bringing back this old chestnut to keep things a-poppin' and get a lot of small topics under on umbrella....ella....ella.

-One of the big topics is what about Doug Weight's hit on Brandon Sutter. Personally, this is basically the same hit Steve Moore put on Markus Naslund, but much harder. Sutter was going full bore when he lunged at the puck, while Doug Weight seemed to come from across the ice to hit Sutter. While, if Sutter was standing up it'd be a solid it, I still think a charging call should have at least come from it. Weight took more than three steps and really didn't even try to play the puck. I don't anything should happen in terms of suspension, but what Jim Rutherford brings up in terms of the NHL caring about headshots may ring a little true. It doesn't have to be a dirty hit to be a headshot.

-The Washington Capitals allowed Alex Ovechkin return to Russia to be with his grandfather and will not play in Nashville. The Caps will monitor the situation and we'll see how long Ovechkin will be out. Family comes first for Ovechkin, which can be considered a good thing, though Caps fans may not like it. Also, I believe this could be some form of motivation that could be used for Ovechkin to jet his game back on track. Ovechkin has kind of stumbled out of gates, but there could be a reason for that now.

-Luke Schenn was told that he won't be returned to Kelowna in the WHL and will stay up with the big club. Schenn has made a big impression with the Leafs brass and should continue to do so throughout the season. You wonder how many other borderline juniors may or may not be returned to their club, with Zach Boychuk being the first to be returned as Carolina sent him back to Lethbridge of the WHL. Granted, this could also bring up the debate of pushing a player who is impressive, but still too young to make a huge mark for a whole season. Only time will tell.

-Super Saturday was a hit, Slothful Sunday-- not so much. Totals show that it was a high-octane show. 99 goals were scored, 974 shots were taken, five teams had over 40 shots, four goalies had over 40 saves, and 14 out of the 30 teams had four goals or more. Gary Bettman must have been happy for the scoring chances that were given and the goals that were scored.

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