Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Balsillie's Back!!

It was a few weeks, but Jim Balsillie is back in the news again, this time wanting to take over William "Boots" Del Biaggio's 27% share in the Nashville Predators. There must be something really special about the Predators if Balsillie keeps going to this ol' chestnut. Of course, he tried to buy the team for $220M, but that fell through when the silly goose started selling season tickets for the Hamilton franchise....when he didn't own the team yet.

Now, I'm a big fan of Balsillie and think that he's a good asset for the NHL if Mark Cuban doesn't want to own a team. He's got the money to support a team, he's got the desire to want to bring the NHL back to Canada, and he wants to expose the league in a good way.

Maybe it's time that Balsillie contacted Alan Cohen of the Florida Panthers to see if he's going to be selling anytime soon. Because, let's be honest-- of any team out there in the NHL; the odds are that the Panthers will be the next team on the block for new ownership and possibly a new locale. Sorry to say Panthers fan, the time could be running out for the Panthers in Miami.

We'll see how this all turns out, but odds are Balsillie could be shut down for those shares by the other owners in the group. Lil' Jimmy has a better, and probably more insightful take on it.

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