Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five: One Game Down Per Series

It's Friday, the First Round has started. There's not much else to say about it.....and that happens.

1. After just one game, which is going to be the series to look at based on that one??

After all the series have been through one game, the Sharks/Kings match-up could be a solid one, if only because Jonathan Quick seems to have gotten his groove back and took up a barrage of shot-- though who knows if he can keep it up. Also the Bruins/Habs match-up should be a solid one, like it always is. But the issue is that with one game, you really can't tell how teams will react, because the team that lost could switch it up enough to win Game Two, which change a dynamic in a series.

2. Is there a chance for a big upset that's not a 4/5 match-up??

The Habs/Bruins series has an upset special written all over it, which could mean Claude Julien's job. Carey Price was solid in Game One and the Americans on the Habs-- Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez-- took control of the first game and the defense shut down the Bruins' offense. I still also think that the Sharks/Kings and Capitals/Rangers series could have some upset tendencies, but the top seed will come out after some adjustments.

3. Even with things going, the Winnipeg situation doesn't go away-- but with a lot of places saying the move from Phoenix back to Winnipeg is done; can the fans and team regain the desire??

I definitely think there's going to be some bummed out people, but that's the way business happens. Hard to have intensity when your fate for next year is being decided without your control and when the season hasn't even finished for you. Also, with papers telling Red Wings fans not to wear their team's colors so the area doesn't come off bad, like they can't sell out a playoff game-- it's a dire situation. At the same time, they had a lot of time to make this team work in that area and if they can't make it work for one reason or another....what other option do you have. You can only watch something suffer for so long before you have to put the issue to bed.

4. With the Draft lottery-- why can't the winner actually get the first overall pick?? Why the limit silliness??

It's the oddest thing because I've been questioned about this and I think it's dumb for the team that does win the lottery not to get the first pick. If you're going to do it like that-- why even have the lottery?? Why not have it so that the worst team gets the first pick outright in order to actually stop this dramatic crap that doesn't work in the end. The Devils should have the first overall pick this draft-- not the Oilers.

5. John Druce Award?? Really??

Hey, if Mark Messier can get a leadership award-- why can't John Druce have the unsuspecting playoff performer award?? While the Conn Smythe, at times, rewards the surprise performers, often they go unnoticed. Plus, more hardware is always something good that the NHL wants to do-- why not go for it?? It gives John Druce some time in the limelight each year, too.


That's that. Any suggestions, is the place to send it all to. Enjoy the weekend playoff action, folks.

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