Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tracking the John Druce Award

For the hardcore Capitals fan, the legend of John Druce is one that is forever embedded into the minds of people who are looking for the unlikeliest of people to dominate and take over the scoring while the star players are hurt or slumping. The John Druce story is still one many remember when it comes to the playoffs.

For those unfamiliar with the story, during the Capitals 1990 playoff run; top scorer Dino Ciccarelli was knocked out due to a knee injury and John Druce was the guy on the Caps who stepped up and really took over the workload potting 14 goals and three assists in 15 games before the Caps bowed out to the Boston Bruins in the Prince of Wales Conference Finals. Druce was never able to get the magic back, scoring only three more playoff goals in 38 more playoff games.

So, while we're only one game into the playoffs-- we could turn this into a multi-weekly look....if for nothing else but to make this a complete theme-day blog and to have gimmicks run wild. You knew what you were getting into, folks.

In any case, you look at night one, and Mike Fisher could be a candidate; but it also brings up the question on who you can actually consider a superstar when it comes per team?? Fisher is a well-known player, but could he consider a star on his team from his on-ice performance?? I'm going with no, so he's in this debate. Another guy is Brooks Orpik, who has two assists for the Penguins-- leading the team in points. We've got two front-runners now, so it's time for the other series' to start and other guys to actually step-up.

So, that's what's up. Really have no way to finish this.......ummmm......bye.

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