Friday, September 11, 2009

Glen Burnie HC: Looking For That One Spot More

(As many of you know, Glen Burnie HC is my longstanding fantasy team. Also, as many of you know, I love making up fictional pieces because I feel it's much better than most parts of my reality, as well as allowing me freedom to let my mind wonder and go with it. If I only could kick this ADHD, I'd be more accomplished. Also, I have a minor-league team in most other leagues under the Aston HC banner-- but they stink so I don't talk about them. Anyway-- these will be going up throughout the fantasy hockey season of the FOHSHL, so enjoy.....or not.)

Walking through the concourse and up the stairs in the Mello Yello Center, Glen Burnie HC General Manager and Head Coach Scott Wasilewski stopped and turned to look at the ice surface and wondering what could have been. They had come a long way in last years FOHSHL and almost got to their goal, but sadly couldn't add to their championship banners.

As the last seeded team in the playoffs, many thought that the team affectionedly called "The Troubled Bunch" wouldn't last a week in the playoffs, but they soldiered on. With nothing to lose, Glen Burnie HC went all out and got out of the first round, taking out the third ranked RedWhitenRed 7-5, which put them against the 2nd ranked team in LizardInsid'er, a daunting task, but GBHC took them in the regular season. The Bunch was on and they took out the LizardInsid'er easily 7-3. However, that's where the luck ran out, as the Jesmond Jesters took out Glen Burnie HC 7-4; winning the Hirsch Division and ending the run for the upstart GBHC.

"There's a lot of to take from the season," Wasilewski stated while sitting in the upper deck of the empty arena. "A lot more good than bad, of course. I think that there's plenty we could improve upon in terms of who's on our roster-- which, of course, is my duty on this team; build up and guide this team through personnel changes. We'll just have to see what's out there this year, right?? That's all you can do."

As the division forms ups, Glen Burnie HC will have to face some new foes and foes they've known for a long time. While the mix of new and old are a solid thing for most leagues, the fact everyone has to start from scratch is something where it doesn't matter who you're facing because it's a new, fresh start to the season.

"I think that's the beauty of it all," mentioned Wasilewski, "It's something where you could have the worst team ever one year, but win the whole thing next season. It's fantastic and really adds a good parity dynamic to the entire thing. I love it."

Whether or not this season will yield another banner to the rafters of the Mello Yello Center, but it's going to be about consistency all season. While one bad week can't sink you for the season, a losing streak at the wrong time, or not being able to gather up enough points in a win, could be the one thing that pushes you out of a playoff position.

"It's a fine line, a very fine line, that you have to walk in this game," Wasilewski stated. "It's something that we have to make sure that if we win, it's by a lot or if we lose, it's at least close. We won't go undefeated, but we have to make sure we keep things close if all else fails. We also have to worry about the Olympic break as well-- so it should be something to look forward to and take notice....or not, either way."

His light-hearted demeanor off the ice, coupled with his killer instinct demeanor behind the bench and in the office, Wasilewski will be looking for fifth banner in the rafters of the MYC when the 2009-10 season of the FOHSHL closes out in April. If the past is any indication, his chances are better than most would think.

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