Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glen Burnie HC: It's Easy Being Green

Yet another installment of my fictional, but somewhat real, fantasy hockey team. Obviously, this will be more frequent throughout the season, but just bear with the randomness right now-- and if you are always looking at this blog, odds are you're used to it by now.

Another season has come and the draft in the FOHSHL is at the forefront for Glen Burnie HC. The draft that took place on Thursday, GM Scott Wasilewski focused on how to make his team, the much better and maybe win the entire division, as well as the league, for this season. It seemed that'd he be in a decent position picking 6th in the odd numbered rounds, then 9th in the even numbered rounds. Both fairly in the middle, so no extreme waits watching players tick away.

With the first pick, Wasilewski got defensive picking Mike Green with the team's first pick of the draft. Green, who blew up last season with 31 goals, 42 assists and 38 power play points for the season. Needless to say, he'll be a welcome addition to the Glen Burnie HC roster.

"Obviously, early on you have a pick of many guys, but Green really stood out in our minds as someone who would be crucial to our team as a whole," said Wasilewski. "When you can get a defenseman with those kind of numbers, it's something you have to jump on because you can't expect that all the time with guys on the blue line."

After the first round, the focus was on goaltending and scoring, with Henrik Lundqvist, Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson, and Olli Jokinen going rounds two through five. Defensive again for rounds six and seven with Mark Streit and Pekka Rinne being picked up next.

"Up and down, I'm happy with the way the draft went," stated Wasilewski. "One thing we were able to do was bring back the franchise player in Danny Alfredsson and the next franchise player in Brent Seabrook. Seabrook has been with us every single year he's been in the league, while Alfredsson has been in and out with this franchise since we were the Glen Burnie Hillbillies and he was the captain of our championship team in the FOHSHL back in '04. So, it's great to have both of them back in the stable."

Not only that, but Seabrook joins Patrick Sharp as returning members from last year team. Lundqvist was drafted by Glen Burnie HC, but was dealt during the season. Sharp was the last pick of the draft for Glen Burnie HC and could be considered a sleeper. Another sleeper pick for Glen Burnie HC is the pick-up of young goaltender Jonas Gustavsson as their third goaltender. See the full roster below.

From top to bottom, Glen Burnie HC looks very solid. As they have a variety of scorers and set-up men, as well as consistent goaltending and defense, it should be tough to get by the Glen Burnie HC and even if other teams can, the score will be close enough for Glen Burnie HC to still gain ground.

"It looks to be a good year for us," mentioned Wasilewski. "I think we have a good equal attack for the squad and we could very well get that spot we couldn't get last year and bring home the Lakomyj Trophy. We've reached that height before and I think we can do it again this year. Just have to stay healthy and get the good bounces we haven't gotten in the past. We need to make the playoffs and then we'll be fine."

The season for Glen Burnie HC starts October 1st taking on Halco-maniac and Son for Week One.

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