Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tracking the Cy Young and Green Jacket

You're thinking to yourself, "Hey stupid, those are two different sports. What kind of idiot are you??" You'd be correct in asking that, but it's something that many don't understand is out there and probably have prop bets on in one way or another.

Basically, the Cy Young Award is one that goes out to a player who has way more goals than he does assists, much like a Cy Young pitcher should have way more wins than losses. The Green Jacket goes to the player who has the league's worst plus/minus ranking, much like a golfer at the Masters would have the lowest score to guessed it-- the Green Jacket.


Right now, Thomas Vanek is in the league with 13 more goals than assists (18g, 5a), while Jeff Carter is +11 in goals (18g, 7a) and David Booth is +10 in goals (12g, 2a), all heading into Thursday's games.

1. Thomas Vanek (18g, 5a)
2. Jeff Carter (18g, 7a)
3. David Booth (12g, 2a)
4. Kyle Wellwood (10g, 3a)
T-5. Jason Arnott (13g, 7a)
T-5. Phil Kessel (13g, 7a)
T-5. Keith Tkachuk (11g, 5a)
T-5. Johan Franzen (11g, 5a)


Sadly, one of the best face-off men in the history of the NHL is in the low spot with Rod Brind'Amour racking up a -18 going into Thursday night's games. Three Blues are in the top-5, though on, Andy McDonald, it out with an injury.

1. Rod Brind'Amour, -18
2. Brad Boyes, -15
3. Eric Brewer, -14
T-4. Ed Jovanovski, -12
T-4. Andy McDonald, -12

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