Thursday, December 04, 2008

Holy Toledo, Nice Color Scheme

The newest ECHL team on the block next season will be the Toledo Walleye and they unveiled their new jerseys recently, and I have to say I'm fairly impressed. The color scheme is great with the baby blue, navy blue, and yellow mixed very well with the colors being accented when needed. The logo itself is original, and while it does look a bit cartoony and unrealistic (when did fish get hands to put into the gloves??), it's the minors and it's something that'll sell to anyone.

The one thing I'll have to wait and see about is the "fins" underneath the shoulder patches. You really can't judge that until the it's put over top of shoulder pads because then it'll fit like it needs to and maybe give the desired effect that the team wanted.

I don't know about you, though-- but the Walleye could be my new favorite ECHL team in logo/jersey combo alone; though the Reading Royals scheme is very slick....but they're affiliated with the Toronto Maple Leafs, so I'm not fond of them anymore.

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