Monday, May 18, 2009

Roy-ee Mountain High

Yes, that was an awful attempt at making "Rocky Mountain High" into something dealing with Patrick Roy and it failed like it did in my head.

In any case, rumors out of Colorado have the Avalanche offering the head coaching position. It could seem a bit odd, as Roy has been only coaching for a few years in the QMJHL and had some success there with a Memorial Cup win; but there's a big step from coaching in juniors and coaching in the NHL. You never really know if he will be able to strike gold in the NHL like he did in the QMJHL.

The thing is with all the candidates that are possibly out there, why go for a guy with the inexperience behind the bench like Roy?? Is it because they are looking for a familiar name behind the bench that could get the fans back into the Pepsi Center after a dismal past campaign?? Albeit, you can say he is a winner and quick learner since he's done that for most of his career on and off the ice. Yet, when you're trying to recover and the whole organization is in a panic, some times; the snap decisions don't work out really well for the teams. That all said, if Roy is put behind the bench, maybe he could whip the goaltenders, whomever they may be in Colorado next season, into shape.

Yet, what will happen if this project goes through the signing stage if it'll work out or not. The Avs do have the youth enough in order for Roy to come in and be the teacher and not have to worry about an uprising from an older group of veterans who aren't going to listen to him and try to be his friend rather than have the player-coach scenario going on.

The rumors are rampant in Colorado, what with this and then the rumors of Pierre McGuire hinted as a candidate for the GM job-- it's going to be interesting to see what all falls into place. Though you have to wonder if the Avs are pulling the same trick that they were doing with his number retirement and trying to hire Roy before the Canadiens can do it. Just saying....

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