Friday, May 22, 2009

Draft Hat Disgust

The geniuses at Reebok and those who make the choices for the NHL have unveiled some of the 2009 NHL Draft hats and to be honest with you....ugh.

Look, I get that people wearing white may be the in thing nowadays, but enough of it. I'm sick of it, mostly because it's so very cookie cutter. There's no thought, no originality, and really no identity. Put some damn team colors on it for Pete's sake-- it won't hurt anyone. Usually, the NHL follows the NFL Draft hat since Reebok does both official clothing contracts. And to be honest, I was really ready to see the new Draft hats because the NFL's were pretty solid, as you see by the Redskins' hat.

I can deal with the cookie-cutter if they have some kind of team feel to it. The NHL's hats just fail horribly when it comes to originality or diversity amongst their teams. Maybe it's cheaper, but I don't know if it's going to be a highly sought after product if they are this plain. Another thing could be my OCD and hatred for anything white because it could get very dirty very easily, but still.

Granted, if the NHL can come out and say that these are just prototypes, that's fine, but I have my doubts when it comes to that kind of reprive.

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