Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Well...There's At Least One Good Team

It's almost time for me to start looking forward to next season when it comes to Aston HC. Just dishing out all the assets and building for the future....if only they were keeper leagues.

Starting with the good news that is Glen Burnie HC, that squad is still in first place in the FOHSHL Hirsch Division. In Week Three, Glen Burnie HC took out Rhiannon Magic 7-2 thanks in part to Cory Stillman and Zach Parise putting up three goals and three assists apiece on the week. In Week Four, Glen Burnie HC had its closest win 7-4 over Bsdontneedagoalie2.0. Alexei Kovalev led the way with five points and Miro Satan putting up four points, with Carey Price picking up three wins in the week.

Now, to the bad parts that is Aston HC, starting in Leahy's GFH Norris Division where in Week Three, Aston HC lost 8-0 to the Fyremonkeys, with Jason Arnott's three points being the only bright spot of that week. They saved face in Week Four by tying Tie Domi Fan Club 4-4. The defense was crucial with Scott Niedermayer putting up four points and Nicklas Lidstrom putting up three, whilst Carey Price had three wins in the week.

To the even worst Aston HC entry in the PlayoffBeard.com League, Week Three saw Aston HC losing to The Reggie Dunlops 7-2. At least Mike Ribeiro put up six points and Henrik Lundqvist putting up two wins and a sub-2.00 GAA. It was a 7-4 loss in Week Four with Aston HC losing to the Montreal SekoS. Ales Hemsky put up five points, with Patrick Kane and J.P. Dumont putting up four points.

You can definitely see that I only care about Glen Burnie HC at this point-- it's the show's league, so I want to make sure that I beat the piss out of the listeners; mostly because that brings in the listeners.......or not.

RESULTS AS OF 11.04.08

FOHSHL: Glen Burnie HC: 30-10-8, 1st place
GFH-Norris: Aston HC: 12-21-7, 12th place
PBHL: Aston HC: 13-27-8, 10th place

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