Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Un-Mighty Quinn

When TSN came out with a story coming out about how Pat Quinn is happy about coaching again, even though his Oilers are 0-for-2010; I won't lie-- I was a bit confused. Not so much to the point where I wonder why the story was done, you get the bug when it comes to any sport-- this is no different for coaching. I just wondered why they prominently display this article while Oilers are struggling so much.

As of right now, the Oilers have not won a game in 2010, they have gotten points in only two games in their last ten (both overtime losses), they've only won one game in their last 18, and every bad bounce that could happen, often does. While only so much can be blamed on player and coach alike, the timing of it all could have been better-- like when the team has won at some point this year.

And while the piece was just a fluff piece about how Quinn is happy to be working again, how he didn't think he'd be able to stay away from the game all that long; there's not that much to suggest he has that same killer instinct he once had. There's something about how it is written, focusing only on how he loves being at the rink and about his past performances, that could raise more eyebrows about what he's actually doing in the room and how he's actually coaching this team.

Sure, the injuries to Ales Hemsky and Nikolai Khabibulin sullied a possible great performance for the Oilers, as a coach-- especially one who has won the Jack Adams Trophy for coach of the year twice-- you have to be able to get the most out of the guys on your roster now to fill in the void left by the key guys. Of course, you can also look at the GM position, with Jeff Tambellini, who hasn't been able to fill the void from the outside or inside in order to get this team onto a winning track again. Even if they are stop-gaps, the bleeding wouldn't be as immense and the team could actually win a few games and be in the playoff chase.

The mini-camp this team held recently to get out of the funk didn't seem to go as planned, at least in the short term, which makes one ponder why is this team still having the trouble they are having; especially, with not one-- but two NHL caliber coaches, lest we forget that Tom Renney is on this coaching staff as well. The piece's casual vibes also had me wondering if Quinn really means what he says in terms of this being better than sitting around or if this is just going to be one last paycheck for him before no one else wants him. It almost comes off that way, with the examples saying he could be out on the golf course or with his grandkids; the amount of time that Quinn's mind is on this team, especially with the slump this team is in.

When all is said and done, you can call this season a write-off for Quinn in terms of the injuries and lack of movement; but how much rope will he be given next season, enough to hang himself?? While many mentioned that the game past by the likes of Barry Melrose, you have to wonder the same for Quinn-- even though he had a steady job for a time before and after the lockout. Yet, with his style; it's could be almost time to put him out to pasture when this contract is up or even sooner if he can't change his own luck.


Vince said...

It's obvious "Jeff" Tambellini takes his role as an Islanders LW more seriously than his responsibility to the Oilers...geez no wonder this team is so messed up. next they'll be getting Trent Hunter to coach thinking their getting Dale....

Not to pick on typos but i couldn't help myself...

ScottyWazz said...

At this point, Jeff could be running this team and doing a better job than his dad, let's be honest.