Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wake Me When It's Over

Is anyone else bored by the Second Round of the playoffs?? I mean, there are three series at 3-0, there's a threat of the Flyers going up 3-1 on the Canadiens tonight and Dallas could close out the Sharks tonight, as well. Could this be the quickest amount of time from the start of a round to the end of a round since the seven-game series was put into play?? Someone get the Elias Sports Bureau on that.

But what is going on here?? Are the match-ups really this uneven?? Are teams like the Sharks, Avalanche, and Rangers really this unmatched against their opponents?? It's just amazing that we could have three sweeps in a single round of the playoffs.

Granted, this could provide good things, like the Stanley Cup being presented earlier than mid-June. That's always a plus, especially if Dallas makes it to the Finals because that Texas heat could be killer on ice conditions. Plus, we could have very well-rested teams, which will result in high tempo hockey for the later rounds of the playoffs since most of the teams will be fresh.

The bad side of things, like the ice conditions, is that we have one series drag out. Let's assume that the sweeps happen, some how, I feel that the Habs/Flyers series will drag out to seven games, which will be killer for the schedule being every other day and creating a big void for hockey fans. Also, for a Caps fan like myself-- the possibility of an all Pennsylvania Eastern Conference Final.

Like my buddy Brandon said, we can only hope that an arena imploded if that happens...with Pierre Maguire in it.

Whatever may become of this-- let's just hope that there's something around the corner in ways of excitement, because so far; the second round has been a letdown.

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