Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick and Dirty Playoff Picks

The first round is done that create some interesting match-ups for Round Two. A couple of upsets with the Stars taking out the Cup Champion Ducks and the Flyers edging out the Capitals, but the match-ups should bring about some interesting stories as they continue onward. With that, I bring you this.


(1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (7) Philadelphia Flyers-- Montreal in Six Games
Why?? The Flyers had a great run, but their lack of speedy defense will be their downfall against the speedy Habs forwards. Plus, the Habs are going to be determined to prove that the First Round hiccup against the Bruins was just some rust that needed to be brushed off.

(2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (5) New York Rangers-- New York in Six Games
Why?? Goaltending will be key in this series and I think Henrik Lundqvist is a better goalie than Marc-Andre Fleury. Add that to the Pens not facing a tough enough opponent in the First Round and the Sean Avery Factor and it seems that Sidney Crosby will have to wait another year for his Cup shot.


(1) Detroit Red Wings vs. (6) Colorado Avalanche-- Colorado in Seven Games
Why?? The Red Wings looked weak against the Predators, while the Avs seem to be kicking it into an extra gear with all their studs in their line-up. Jose Theodore is the hot goalie in the playoffs and could be able to carry the Avs back to the conference finals.

(2) San Jose Sharks vs. (5) Dallas Stars-- Dallas in Six Games
Why?? The Stars have the monkey off their back when it comes to winning in the playoff again. Add that to the difficulty the Sharks had with a very mediorce Flames team, the Stars could very well be the dark horse Cup contenders.

Last round, I was three for eight, so your results will probably vary-- mostly to the better, I hope. At least I wasn't like the Orb. They start tonight-- so go ahead and sit back and enjoy this round as we get closer and closer to the Cup.

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