Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game Seven Drama Begins

If the playoffs in the NHL weren't dramatic enough, tonight's games feature two Game Sevens and potentially two upsets. Last night's Game Seven between Montreal and Boston was anticlimactic with a 5-0 Montreal blow out, but tonight's games should bring a little more drama and little better action.

In the East, the "Cinderella" Washington Capitals will try to see if they can ride the momentum of a big win in Philadelphia Monday night and if the result of the 1988 Patrick Division Semi-Finals can repeat itself. For the Flyers, they hope they can regain their winning ways and not have a 3-1 lead slip away. It's been quite a turnaround for the Flyers this year too, going from the bottom of the Eastern Conference to one win away from advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Out West, the Calgary Flames look to make it to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2004, but will have to deal with the San Jose Sharks' home crowd. For the Flames to be successful, they will need to get everyone on the roster to contribute in one way or another. For the Sharks, the thought of playoff failure of recent past is haunting them, which could lead to a big change if they can't get out of the first round this season.

The drama of a Game Seven, even in the first round, is something that puts me on the edge of my seat. Two of the past three Stanley Cup finals have gone to a Game Seven, which puts even more drama into the spotlight. There's just something about the game that makes me want to cheer, boo, and maybe throw something at the TV. Don't lie, we all do it. For me, I get up in arms when a regular season game is on, much less a Game Seven playoff game.

Personally, tonight could see two of the teams I'm pulling for either move on or eliminated. Granted, there could be a split, but I'm thinking it's all or nothing for me. I've already got one team out, so it would be horrible for me to lose anymore. Let's just hope my armchair GM/Coaching doesn't get too out of hand tonight.

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