Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Hockey Team Identity Project

One day, during our splendid G-Chat conversations, The Girl and I thought about doing a project together, dealing with the identity of certain hockey teams. From the name to the logo, even to the color scheme; we wanted to know why they chose what they did to make their "brand." Now, NHL teams are easily accessable when it comes to finding out where the name and colors came from, so we decided that we would do the minors and junior hockey to find out what happened where.

My first piece should be coming out next week, but The Girl got right to it, starting off with her team-- the Tri City Americans.

Obviously, on this blog, I have to start with the Americans. Bear with me, it's not anything terribly unique or unusual, there are several other teams named the Americans in North America--Rochester Americans (AHL) who go by the annoying nickname "Amerks". Don't know why, but that IRKS me...heh. There's also the Allen Americans (CHL), who have a bitchin' logo.

The Rochester Americans have been in existence since 1956, to my knowledge the first to use the name "Americans". One of the more famous Amerks alumni being none other than Don Cherry himself. So how did our lovely team get the name Americans? The name came to be when the team moved to Tri-Cities in 1988, but that was not the beginning of this organization.....

For more on her piece, which is very well done, check it out AT THIS LINK and enjoy.

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