Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trenton Titans Continue Returning Name Trend

With the revitalization of the Winnipeg Jets in the NHL, it seems there's a lot of team following suit for the old names coming back. Today, the Trenton ECHL franchise decided to come back from their three-week hiatus (the Devils sold the team and put them on hiatus until things were signed) and will be named the Titans, much like they were named before the Devils rebranded them into the Devils.

I'll pause this now to say that while I don't like the idea of the Jets name being used because it's not the actual original Jets team being brought back to Winnipeg; the Titans name is okay by me, because it's the old Titans organization that's being used. And that's the story of Flag Day.

While we all know that people in hockey yearn for the Hartford Whalers and Quebec Nordiques to come back; what better way to actually regale people of minor league teams past and the names I'd like to see back into the fold for the lexicon of sports. It's late July folks-- what do you want out of me??

Miami Matadors: While this team was only a one-year team, it showed that you can have stereotypical names in the late-90s to try and garner an audience. However, the Matadors were only around for the 1998-99 season where they went 28-32-10 and missed the playoffs, but the jerseys and logo were fantastically comical.

Kentucky Thoroughblades: A great pun team name, that captured the essence of the Lexington area with the horse-racing nod into the name. Not only that, but the color scheme of green, purple, and silver could be one of the most diverse color scheme to have appeared in any league. If nothing else, the history can tell that Miikaa Kiprusoff, Dan Boyle, and Zdeno Chara all sported the Thoroughblades logo on their chest.

Orlando Solar Bears: Another puntastic name, but this could be the most successful of the defunct teams, with many IHL Finals appearances and even a Turner Cup championships. However, the fact they had a polar bear with sunglasses on was a nice combination of the sun and hockey aspect of it all.....or a comment on global warming and polar bears being displaced in their habitat. Either way.

Phoenix Roadrunners: While this team wasn't really know as something special, but it's a name that has been with the Phoenix area forever, being in several leagues-- including the WHA, IHL, and ECHL. The name has always stuck around. Plus, if the Coyotes stick around-- we could have the Warner Brothers annual game between the Coyotes and Roadrunners.

Macon Whoopee: This is the TOP of the list. Not only is it a great pun, but it's a double entendre. Not only was it fancy to have a whopping crane as their logo late into their existence, but the whole 70s raunchy game-show/sitcom vibe to it. The team itself had ups and downs during their CHL and ECHL days, but the name is what brought people in. The ACHL/SPHL off-shoot of Macon Trax is nice for a small snicker, but nothing like the Whoopee.


These are only a couple of teams that I'd love to see back into the fold. The big thing with the Titans is whether or not they go with the modernized retro aspect of the identity remains to be seen; but it would probably not have that much of a change of pace to it all. If you've got some old teams you want to bring back, drop them in the comments and your rationale behind it.

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