Friday, July 01, 2011

Good Idea/Bad Idea: Free Agency

Every now and again, I'll decide that it's a chance to test out the whole "Good Idea, Bad Idea" thing. Can't tell you when's the last time.......probably if I were more apt to searching my tags I would find it...but alas, here we are.

In any case, at Noon Eastern today, the Free Agency bonanza begins and there's going to be a lot of people aching to hear who goes where and for how long. Sometimes it's good to deal with the reaction of people-- but more often than not-- it's a drag. Luckily for you, I've decided some good ideas and bad ideas when it comes to dealing with free agency happenings-- hence, the name.

GOOD IDEA: Keeping track of what you're team needs: It's one thing to go after a guy who just desirable to the rest of the league; but in the end-- reality has to set in. So long as you understand the role the player you pick up will play in the grand scheme of things-- the better you'll feel about the terms of the deal.

BAD IDEA: Flipping out over what other teams get: Sure, it's nice to "Keep up with the Browns," but in the end-- I think there is more stress when you worry too much about what everyone else is doing to the point where you judge what the hell your rival is doing. Sure, you can really bash on thing or another-- but at the same time; remember the first "Good Idea" and think if that'll help their team; then you can be angry if it does help them.

GOOD IDEA: Enjoying the banter that is in chat rooms and Twitter: This is a long, drawn-out process and you'll need to coziness of friends and colleagues to get through the boredom if you're staring at the screen. Plus, you could meet new people along the way through such things-- which is always a good idea.

BAD IDEA: Taking chat rooms and Twitter as gospel: We've been through it in trade deadlines, drafts, and last year's free agency-- but we've all been duped many a time through fake rumors or fake Twitter feeds and people not doing the 10 second check-up on the reality of the situation. I know we all want to be the first to know-- yet, it's best to be accurate than quick (that's what she said).

GOOD IDEA: Watching guys like Jaromir Jagr and Brad Richards in what they're doing: These guys are the big names and are going to headline whatever happens on July 1st or whenever they sign. They have the ability to change a team if they're in the right situations, as well as sway other free agents one way or the other.

BAD IDEA: Watching guys like Jaromir Jagr and Brad Richards in what they're doing: This will drive you mad. The fact of the matter is that if they don't sign by 12:01 PM of July 1st; people will have that great knee-jerk reaction of why haven't they sign, because it could take days. They may be the premier names of this FA class; but they aren't the end-all, be-all.

GOOD IDEA: Tracking the salaries: This is great in the cap system because you could see guys take less money to put themselves in a better situation to win the Stanley Cup. The fact remains that since all the guys are going for the same goal; it's harder to demand a big salary if you want to be on a contender.

BAD IDEA: Trying to be a capologist: Math was never my strong suit, though my mother wanted me to be an accountant because I was good in high school (debit-credit, debit-credit); but don't get all caught up in when a team signs someone; then trying to figure out who else they can get and how they can fit them under the cap-- as if your opinion really matters......

That's just a few and probably craptastic reasons to even remotely look at when it comes to the first day of Free Agency, known as Free Agent Frenzy. It should be fun and it should be good times to see who goes where-- especially in a shallow pool like we have.

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