Saturday, July 23, 2011

Winnipeg and the Jets

One mystery of the Winnipeg Jets have been revealed, with their logo identity being shown (as you see above), which radically different from anything they've had in the past. This identity was a nod to the relationship the city of Winnipeg has had with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the 17 Wing Squadron.

The logos themselves are solid, but could be considered a little bland, which I kind of thought at first, but it's growing on me. I still think the alternate logo with the pilots wings are a little bit better than the main logo. Once the jerseys are revealed, it could change me a little more because the main one could look better on the right canvas. The wordmark is a nice little nod to the old WHA Jets, as it seems like the modernized version of their old wordmark/logo.

Yet, the first thing that jumped out to me on the main logo is the self-masturbatory habit that True North Entertainment put forth on the perimeter of the logo. You see that little notch taken out of the circle surrounding the jet?? Hey, it points North....a somewhat subtle nod to their own brand within a brand of the hockey team.

I understand they paid a lot of money to get a team to Winnipeg and are putting a lot of money out there in general-- but at the same time, shouldn't you leave yourself out of your team's logo?? You don't see a big "AOL" mark on the Capitals logos nor do you see the Canadiens have a Molson alternate logo....though it'd be cool. There's a time where the True North folks have to realize they don't need to their hand in everything that the team does. It's nice for them to get involved, but they don't need to have their hand in on everything.

It's their team now and they can do whatever they want. Though, at the same time-- it's a touch tacky if the team itself will just be used for True North to peddle their wears and their own brand with subconscious marketing. If they screw up the possible retro jerseys with some of their branding-- that's when you'll see tables flipped.

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Possible jets unis? you saw it here first