Saturday, September 20, 2008

Piping and Pit-Stains: The Sabres and Third Jerseys in General

You know, looking at it-- it's not too, too horrible. We all know my hatred for front numbers and piping, but the new pit-stain look the Sabres have brought into the Edge template could make it up there with the rest.

Overall, RBK is doing a good thing by putting out the decent jerseys first, like the Canes and Bruins, granted the Bruins didn't change too, too much-- keeping a black jersey. It doesn't make sense for the Bruins to do that, mostly because they have a black jersey for their home unis-- worthless.

The reason I think RBK is doing this now is to get a good taste in our mouth before the reportedly terrible ones come out with teams nicknames on them, like the Lightning (Bolts) and Senators (Sens) in some kind of diagoninal set across the front. Also, some others that are really up in the air right now, like Dallas creating a white set like their black set and Atlanta with the college numbers on the front. Who could forget the Roadkill Coyote that could be coming out soon.

Yet, the "vintage" thirds that teams like the Islanders, Maple Leafs, Canucks, Oilers, Penguins and Flyers are coming out could be save the whole show for some. Just depends if they look decent and not get screwed up in the design room. One can only hope for the best, but often accept the worst that RBK has to offer.

Here's hoping we get some more interesting third and unveilings like such, but there are plenty teams who are waiting until the season actually starts-- which could be a good idea. Let's be honest, if the set stinks, people won't have some of the off-season and training camp to bitch and complain about them. Luckily for the teams who have unveiled them now, the response has been mainly positive.

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wrap around curl said...

Yeah the third jersey are interesting. The Sens on is probably the worst one of them all.