Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crosby vs. Ovechkin-- The Fantasy Hockey Debate

Not only is it on the ice, but now in the world of fantasy hockey-- the war between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin rages on. Who do you pick first?? Who do you build your team around?? Who's cuisine reigns supreme........wait, wrong show.

It's been three years since these two have come onto the scene and it's definitely the time to debate who will bring you more rewards for the fantasy side because, let's face it-- fantasy sports is king, regardless of the sports....well, maybe golf.

So, what's the verdict, who's a better fantasy option?? It depends on who you ask, because everyone is different. Some would want Ovechkin's goal scoring, while others will take Crosby's playmaking prowess to help them in the assist column. Plus, it really depends on what strategy you're going to use when making your team.

For my opinion-- it's simple, Alex Ovechkin. Let me preference this by saying this is not because of my hatred for all things Pittsburgh Penguins, it's just depth, really. Last season, only 11 left wingers had 30+ goals, three had 45+ assists on the season, and four left wingers had over 80 points on the year, two of the four having over 90 points. The depth at left wing isn't that good and if you get the chance to pick a solid left winger, you should jump at the opportunity.

At center-- there's a lot more depth. Of all the centers, 11 had over 80 points, five of the 11 having 90+ points, 12 had 30+ goal seasons, and 19 had 45+ assists on the season. While Crosby may have a great prowess on the ice, on a fantasy team; the depth at center is a bit more vast that you can pass up Crosby and still be okay in many scoring columns.

So, for Scotty Wazz, it's AO8 over SC87 mostly because you need to get your positions in solidified all the way around in order to have the complete team needed.

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