Monday, September 15, 2008 Needs To Pay Attention

Whoever is doing the research when it comes to putting the right names with pictures over at needs to be fired. First, they put up this gem:

Granted, there haven't been many goalies outside of Olie Kolzig, but to confuse someone like Cristobal Huet for Kolzig-- a tad ridiculous, especially with the different color of blue on the pads and on the jersey.....and the jersey number.....and the mask.....and the size of the goalie. Thankfully, after a couple hours-- they got the Kolzig picture up in place of Huet.

(Props to Amon of the FOHS Boards for pointing this out)

Now today, they post this gem:

The caption reads: Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom squares up to stop a shot during a motion capture session for EA Sports NHL 09. The newest incarnation of the video game series arrived in stores on September 11, 2008. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick Photography)

Now, there's a couple things IMMEDIATELY that would point out how wrong it is, but we'll put this to you-- can you find what's wrong with the caption?? Bonus if you can get the shooter correct (Click to enlarge......that's what she said).

With being the league homepage, you'd think they'd hire people who would be able to identify a goalie, even with his pads and what not on. It's a disgrace to think that the people at the head of the league are letting simple mistakes go by and taking a while to change them. They shouldn't have to change them in the first place, it should be correct the first time. I mean, it's not that hard at all to do a little research in getting the right name with the right player.


Going Five Hole said...

corey perry and I had to look up goalies with the #29....josh harding

ScottyWazz said...

Winner, winner; chicken dinner