Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five: Trade Bait and Release

After another crazed week that was in hockey-- we move forward with another edition of the F5 and try to wonder about what you're secretly thinking.....or not thinking and will be thinking because it was brought up here.....or not at all.

1. With all the trades that are going down now-- what's going to be left for the Deadline??

It'll be slim and none. Yet, I can understand people freaking out by the domino effect. You never want a team to get the jump on you because they will leave you in the dust. Granted, the fact is that some teams are really getting the better of some deals-- but that's the nature of the business and you may have to give up way to much to ship off something you don't want anymore. People will get hosed and people will get deals-- though if most of them are UFAs at the end of it and don't resign with the team they're traded to-- no harm, no foul.

2. If you're a fledgling team and have a no-trade or no-movement clause-- would you waive it to go somewhere that you have a chance or do you stick around and hope for the best??

You have to wonder the situation the player is in. If they are older, odds are they would move it to trying and get that last grasp at the Cup ring; but if they're a younger guy or in their "prime" as a player-- they'll probably be more hard-pressed to move it because of the fact they do want to win the Cup, but they don't want to move from this place they're establishing themselves and are comfortable in. I guess it's depended upon the pressure the management puts on the player and tries to convince that they'd be welcome back in the off-season or something. It's a hard-sell and usually creates rift between fans and the player because of it.

3. Is there a chance of any shockers happening this coming Monday, or will it just be the role guys like has been discussed in the past??

There could be something like a Bryan McCabe or Michael Ryder to get dealt-- but at the same time, I don't think the big money names like Brad Richards or J-S Giguere traded. There's going to be the role players that'll be moved, but we won't have much (if any) blockbusters for the Monday and if it happens early enough in the day-- you could see a ripple effect, but it's highly doubtful. There's a lot of close races in each conference, so I don't think many teams will want to give up their role guys for a marquee name just to match another team-- because it'll ruin chemistry.

4. The Devils and Maple Leafs are streaking and streaking hard. In the end-- will they have a shot??

I think the Devils have a shot, but I don't know how much longer it'll be able to last. As much as they are on this massive high-- there has to be a down-turn, as even the most hardened of Devils' fan will be one to reel people back into the myth of going from laughingstock to dark horse contender. The Leafs are the same way-- however, there's been many years that the Leafs have given hope late in the season just to have it dashed. James Reimer is going through the "Unknown Goalie Syndrome" where players don't know how to beat him-- which gives the team and fans a false sense of greatness. It could keep going, but I don't think I would put money down on it.

5. The IIHF have shelved the idea of relaunching their Champions League. How good of an idea is this to begin with??

I love the idea of a Champions' League in hockey or some kind of super league. It's also something that could be used to take on one of the NHL teams that come over to play for their first two games and compete for the Victoria Cup. At the same time, I can understand why they wouldn't be able to agree to some kind of an agreement, as it's hard to deal with a championship race in one league and have to play in another league and risk potential injury and ruin a run in the league that's most important. It's a great idea in theory.....but we all know-- in theory; Communism works.


That's the week-- you want something for me to talk about-- is the place to be, folks. Tell me of a topic you want to be covered or whatever and I'll do what I can to be as wrong as possible.

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