Thursday, May 20, 2010

Advantage No More

While many are saying that what the Chicago Blackhawks have done by going into San Jose and taking two games, but in a season where nothing is of the ordinary; it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Granted, there's only been one "upset" in the West, but the Red Wings taking out the Coyotes in the first round; it's hard to say it's not uncommon for the home ice advantage to be something of a deterrent.

Since the Lockout and through the 2010 Conference Semis, there has been 57 series and 27 of them have been won by the lower seeded teams. That's just under 50% of all series have been taken by the team who started out on the road. Of those 27 series, the road team took at least one of the two road games to start off with 23 times, took both games nine times, and lost both games only four times in that span (Oilers in 2006, Penguins twice in 2009, Flyers in 2010).

But what's the cause of this all?? Many teams fight to get into the home-ice advantage, but it doesn't seem to be all too efficient with it's said and done. There has been 17 Game Sevens in the time span with the road team winning 10 times, with a perfect 4-for-4 in the 2010 Playoffs. There's not much to be said for getting that home ice for that crucial Game Seven, as it doesn't seem to do much for helping the home team winning it.

Plus, it's not like the Blackhawks were that far behind the Sharks in the standings (only one point), while winning three out of four in the season series. Even so, it's hard to win on the road despite the numbers showing somewhat to the contrary. It's quite the feat for the Hawks to go into the playoffs this deal and just outshining the Sharks in front of their fans.

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