Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Five: Quick Second Round??

We had a bit of hiatus, but with not much else going on-- why not bring it back for a second. It's been.....uneventful following the amazing first round, not much could meet up to those kind of expectations.

1. Is there something that could really save this second round, as three series could be sweeps and the other at 3-1??

Unless we get a monumental comeback like last year's second round; I don't know if there's much that could really save that. But-- looking at it like this; odds are they could push everything back and we'll get the Stanley Cup finals started earlier than June 1st. But, we usually have these dud rounds, though they usually come in the first round, mostly because there's more series'.

2. Speaking of 3s and 1s, can anything stop the Tampa Bay Lightning??

The Bolts are strong and mostly due to the system, but Dwayne Roloson has been outstanding and the Bolts are not only working the defensive system; but transitioning well off the system. The Bolts scored an average of four goals per game against the Caps, so it's not like it's a boring trap system of old. Both the Bruins or Flyers will have their work cut out for them in the Conference Finals.

3. While he went missing in the first round, Ryan Kesler has really beaten Mike Fisher in the checking game in round two. How did Kesler get his groove back??

It seems that Kesler was able to adjust against Nashville, mostly because outside of Fisher-- there's very few would could keep up with Kesler in Nashville. Chicago had a lot of muckers who could keep up with Kesler, but it seems he's able to disappear and reappear at will against Nashville. There's only so much Pekka Rinne can do while being the back stop for the Preds, he can't play man-to-man on Kesler.

4. Are the Red Wings showing that ending a series really early is a bad thing??

The Red Wings don't look like the Red Wings in the first round, even with guys like Henrik Zetterberg back in the line-up. While it may have been the long layoff putting up a lot of rust on the team, but the Sharks are really primed for big things. These games are also close, all one goal games-- two of the three going to overtime. Even with the Sharks on the verge, I think the Wings will make that fourth game tougher to to win for San Jose.

5. Question of the week: What to do with Bruce Boudreau??

I believe that George McPhee won't be the one to fire him, so that only leaves Ted Leonsis to do the deed. I don't think Ted will do that, for now. The Caps front office will give Boudreau another half-season; but if they falter like they did at the start of this season-- they will pull the trigger on firing Boudreau and getting some new blood on there. It's not that Boudreau is a bad coach, the players may or may not have forgotten what they were told from him; which could have been their downfall.


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