Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Five: The Playoff Push

It's been another week in the NHL, the trade deadline has come and gone and many of the traded players have paid off immediate dividends for their new teams. Of course, that's assuming they got their paperwork in order so they could play. So, time for the F5.

1. Of all of the tradees, Jason Arnott seems to be giving a lot in his first games with the Capitals. Is this a pace Caps fans could expect for the rest of the year??

Considering that Arnott's goal and assist in two games equals his output with the Devils in the last 14 games of his tenure there; you could say it's because he's playing with better players. That said, while this is a great pace-- I don't expect it to completely stay this way. While I have to say that it's great he's taking control of the room and address what's wrong; I don't actually know if this is just a honeymoon phase or if this the reality of the rest of the year. Yet, early returns are all that matters right now and he's got the leg up on everyone.

2. With the non-moving, is it a sign teams are content with their team or couldn't afford to bring in a premier player??

It could be a little from column A and a little from column B. It also could be column C, in that they were waiting for their counterparts to make a move and it never happen, so they could have lost out, too. It's doubtful that actually happened, but still an option. More often than not, it's the fact that teams are happy with the team they have for the cost they have; they didn't feel like giving up any of their guys and didn't feel like taking up or giving away anymore salary.

3. The Glendale/Goldwater/Coyotes situation won't end-- how much more posturing can we expect??

While the Goldwater Institute hasn't issued any action yet, you can bet that they'd do it if the City of Glendale does approve their use of bond money to give the team to Matthew Hulsizer; they'll come down on the city hard. And while they have many skeptics about the motives behind the Goldwater Institute possibly challenging it; the fact remains that they're going by the book and probably will do what they can in order to make sure nothing illegal least in their eyes.

4. The Oilers and Senators have been on quite a run, while the Colorado Avalanche are tanking at an exceptional rate. Are the Oilers and Senators acting crazy by winning and getting a chance at the top pick??

While the art of tanking is something many fans are pandering for, especially when the Draft is as shallow as this year's is. Yet, at the same time-- you want to have your fans look forward to something when they come for these late season games when the attempt at the playoffs has long but gone. It gives hope to some fans who may be down in the dumps about the season and brings about a great outlook should the younger kids be the future movement many teams want to have, but never normally try out.

5. came out saying they'll have an old-school kind of hockey game coming out in the spring. What hockey theme toys are remembered from your childhood??

While we all know about the art of bubble hockey, a couple of games stand out for me. Most notably, Radio Shack's Electric Ice Hockey is one that really stood out for me, mostly because it was probably the first version of rod hockey I had. The VCR NHL Hockey was another game I had, but I couldn't get into it. I mostly used the rink and nets for playing with my Lil' Sports Brats because I had a big imagination......and lonely childhood. Well.....that took a depressing turn, didn't it??


That's another week down and closer to the playoffs. If you've got anything for me to tackle, by all means-- email to send in your questions or topic suggestions.

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