Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yet Another Outdoor Game

As I was cruising the CCSLC message boards and I came across this thread and it made me shake my head.

That's right, it's another outdoor game, this time in Finland. I guess I can get into this one more than the flock that seems to be happening in Western North America. I mean, Jokerit and HIFK are two of the more notable teams to come out of Finland and this should be more than just a novelty. It's a season game and the game poster is pretty bitchin', I won't lie.

However, that said-- I'll always be against regular season games outside. Sure, it's nice and all; but it could be an important game in the end for the standings and you could lose a big name player because the ice is messed up. Granted, that could happen from a regular game at a control rink-- but if you want to make it special; do it like the KHL does and make it the All-Star Game, where players know that it's not going to be intense and it's not going to be for anything in the standings-- less of a chance for injury. Plus, you get all the stars in one place and not just two teams fighting it out.

This is just another in a long line of games that will be held out in the elements and it could work out better in Finland than other places because it always seems cold there, even in summer.....or not; I've never been-- would like to, though. In any case-- enjoy it Finnish folks, it should be a riot.


"Dave Schultz" said...

I love the poster for it :)

KaneMike said...

Yes, it´s going to be a cool game. These 2 teams are from the same city, the capital of Finland, Helsinki. So there is also a lot of rivalry between these teams. And the venue, Olympic Stadion from 1952.

I think the ice will be great since it is mid-winter here, but the cold can be a factor. It can be over -20 celsius at that time of year, or if its as bad as last year, -30.