Sunday, February 05, 2012

Taking the Turco Chance

Last night, I was opining on Twitter about how the Ottawa Senators should possibly look at getting Marty Turco into their fold, if for nothing else but to rely on him going down the stretch. Especially after Marty Turco's solid display for his first game with Red Bull Salzburg of the Austrian League (resulting in a 4-1 win); it wouldn't be the worst idea since he has an out-clause to it.

That said, odds are that if Marty Turco does sign and try to come over, he will get picked up on the waiver wire like Evgeni Nabokov did last season, but that's something that Senators might have to risk.

You see, the Senators have rode Craig Anderson for the last 17 games straight. That shows that Paul MacLean really doesn't show much faith in back-up Alex Auld and that Anderson will earn his contract. That said, the surprising Sens will need more than to hope Anderson doesn't burn-out if they want to make the playoffs and really shock the world for a team that wasn't supposed to even content at all.

Sure, there could be a better alternative in the trade market, and especially with the caveat of Turco having to got through the waiver wire-- it would be a risk, but if he falls through the cracks; a nice insurance policy. Turco looks like he wants to be on a contender, which is what the Senators could become with him in the line-up.

The thing with Turco is that if he does get picked up on the waiver wire-- who could be the person to do it?? You could think the Columbus Blue Jackets would go after him-- but he didn't seem to willing to go there when he had the chance to. The San Jose Sharks could be a team that could get with Turco, though Thomas Greiss has played alright and Antero Niittymaki is on the outs with the franchise; though that insurance policy would be nice for a team who really needs to prove something in the playoffs. Even the Calgary Flames may want to take a shot if the price is right-- but I highly doubt it with their lack of cap space and contract space, as well.

Marty Turco will be on a NHL team before the trade deadline and it's my belief that he'll play in the NHL this year. With what team is really the question. Also, if he gets picked up on waivers by a team he doesn't want to be with-- does he pull a Nabokov and not play for the season?? Does it matter to him if he can get a shot back in the NHL?? We've got about three weeks to find out if someone takes a chance and he takes a chance on them.

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