Thursday, February 09, 2012

Spicing Up the NHL Network

For some reason, I follow a couple of wrestlers (because I like wrestling-- don't judge) and they've been promoting one of their comrades, Joey Ryan, to be voted into the MLB Network's Fan Cave-- where one winner and their friend inhabit this area of New York and stay there to watch all of the games the MLB puts forth and give their insight and get some players and other celebs to stop by, hang out, and basically live the dream doing not much more than what they've done as fans.

This got me thinking and I'm sure this has been put out there before-- why not have a NHL Fan Cave. Sure, it's a hack gimmick, it's stealing, but it's true. You want passion, the hockey fan does bring it. Plus, since it's an internet based ordeal-- you'll have cut-throat activity when it comes to putting their bid in and then to get their votes if they become a finalist for their Fan Cave. More over than that-- the passion that fans get on Twitter when it not only comes to supporting or bashing their own team; it'd be ten-fold when it comes to supporting or bashing other things going on in the league.

Of course, that being said-- that could be the downfall of the idea. The fact that so many people can be-- for lack of a better term-- asses when it comes to some of the caveats of the sport as a whole. Considering how many people are critical of the league itself and those who run it-- putting some die-hards as commentators on the league-run network probably wouldn't be the best thing for the game as a whole.

However, the fact the NHL Network doesn't have that much material when it comes to something outside of classic games and highlight shows; it would be something they should look at. They already made the "HBO 24/7" gimmick with their "NHL36" idea of following a player for 36 hours. Why not have a take off and something more fan oriented to actually draw people into it and give another dimension to the network that has the league name attached to it.

Maybe another reason is that you have a lot of video bloggers out there already giving their reaction to games or decisions-- thus really making this idea a silly one. However, if you want to go that route-- why not get the collection of reactions and put that into a show??

My point is that the NHL Network should put something more than the stuff they have already, which is highlight shows and simulcasting XM Home Ice shows. Thinking outside the box and actually getting the fans more involved into the process would probably draw some more attention to the network outside of the fact that it's a place where it's nothing but hockey.

And if this idea does get seen by the NHL know, how about you give me some credit with my own show or bit or something. I'm feeding you ideas here for the love of Pete.

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