Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Five: Reviews, Returns, and Removed

This blog really is turning into a Monday-Tuesday-Friday blog. If I wasn't so lazy or wanting to do something different, I could actually have some staying power. Anyway-- time for the Friday Five, so enjoy the end of the week stuff.

1. The Caps/Pens 24/7 thing premiere with rave reviews from the viewing public. How much staying power does this have for the future??

I've always said that there needs to be some kind of reality show for the NHL because it would be something that could be great. The NFL has NFL Films and have guys always mic'd up, the MLB has had some stuff in the past-- this could be the thing that makes the NHL realize this is a good idea and this could market the league better than anything else.

Plus, it tells the tale of how it is in the Show, which is something that many people may never get close to experience and really get inside the player's lives. Of course, hockey players are the most accessible athletes out there-- but this just extent of that.

2. Dion Phaneuf made his awaited return to Calgary to mixed reviews. Should he (or any player) get heckled for a decision they may have not had a hand in??

There were a lot of Flames fans who had given up on Phaneuf well before he got traded, so if they're bitter-- they have a right to boo. Plus, it depends on what story you believe when the fallout happens after the trade. If you believe it was for the good of a team, then you won't feel so bad; but if you believe he was a mess in the locker room and caused havoc and feel slighted-- boo away.

I don't think that it's particularly right to boo someone unless they ask publicly to be traded for one reason or another-- that's when all fans have a right to be bitter about it because that player is basically saying that your favorite team stinks.

3. There was something on Twitter about Steve Mason being the most frequently pulled goalie since the start of the 2009-10 season. After his rookie campaign was fantastic, the ultimate question is....whahappen??

Mason fell into JonnyP's "Hedberg Effect" method, where a goalie comes out of nowhere to be good, only because shooters haven't seen him and couldn't solved him quick enough. Now, guys know his weakness and he's getting beaten like the Gimp. Mason is still young though and could get some adjustments made in order to get back into form physically. The mental issue could be the thing that could be the hardest for Mason to overcome.

4. The Southeast Division could be one with the sparsest of attendances for most of the teams, but three of them have playoffs spots and Carolina is in the 9th spot. Could this be the time that the Southeast gets its due??

It seems that the Southeast always has these glimmers of hope when it comes to teams being in the playoff and shaking the moniker of being the weakest division in the NHL, but this could be yet another mirage. The Caps seemed like a sure thing, but their seven-game losing streak has halted the runaway season; the Thrashers a great young team, but will they be able to keep the pace they've set?? Tampa Bay will get better with Vincent Lecavalier in the line-up.....if their goaltending holds up and Carolina could be the most bi-polar team out there, so who knows.

That said, I don't know if this moniker will be shaken this year, but it seems to be on the horizon. The talent is too good on these teams to keep them down....if they can stay together for the long haul.

5. There were 23,096 stuffed animals thrown to the ice at the Calgary Hitmen game on Sunday. Is there any better promotion in juniors/minors than the teddy bear toss??

The TBT is a staple for many teams-- Calgary included-- and most people only go to the TBT game to witness and to contribute. I've been to a couple of Calgary's TBTs and it's a sight to see. Just going from the puck in net and just bears all over the place. It's like a toy store exploded--
very awesome to see. If you have the chance, I highly suggest you take in a TBT game. Best part, it won't cost you an arm and a leg like an NHL may cost.


That's it-- another week in the books. Any suggestion for topics, I'd greatly welcome them-- is the place to send them and odds are; if you submit something; it'll be put on here.

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