Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Next For The Stars

It was a valiant effort by the Stars to try and make a comeback from being down 0-3, but it was stopped short by the juggernaut that is the Detroit Red Wings. However, many answers were given this playoffs, but some still remain.

One pressing issue will be what's going to happen with Mike Modano. There have been rumblings of his retirement in the distance, even though he has two more years left on his contract. Makes you wonder if the Richards trade and Ribiero re-signing were under previous notions that Modano is going to hang 'em up. That said, should he come back-- he'll have a great supporting cast. With Brendan Morrow stepping up this playoffs with the rest of the team and the bright future ahead, Modano could make go for the duration of his contract.

Defensively, the Stars were able to see how their defense has developed with the youngsters taking center stage thanks to injuries to Sergei Zubov in the playoffs. Mattias Norstrom and Trevor Daley are the only free agents this summer, with Daley more than likely getting a deal soon. Norstrom may have to look on the market as Mark Fistric, Niklas Grossman, and Matt Niskanen have stepped out of the shadows to make a name for themselves.

Marty Turco was clutch for the Stars in the playoffs and proved that he has a lot to give the team in the future to have a shot at the Cup. The wonder is what's going to happen for a back-up. Johan Holmqvist didn't get much of a look in Dallas and his track record is spotty at best. Tobias Stephan may not be ready, but with a work horse like Turco; you'd have to wonder if it really matters who's behind him.

It was a strong run and there's a lot to build off of this season. Co-GMs Brett Hull and Les Jackson have built this team for the long-haul and it's paying off quick dividends. Now, if they could only re-do those god-awful black jerseys....

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