Monday, April 15, 2013

Absurd Goalie Monday: Johnny Mowers

As was with the time, this week's AGM had his career cut short due to World War II. However, in his short career, he had a lot of team and individual achievements; even though he was involved in the first biggest comeback in playoff history when he team gave up a 3-0 series lead. This week, the profile of Johnny Mowers. 

Mowers' trek is first noted when he played Senior leagues for the Niagara Falls Cataracts in the 1935-36 season, even though he would only play in the Allan Cup for two games that season. Mowers would go onto play 54 games between the 1936-37 season and 1938-39 season for Niagara Falls, as well as 16 additional playoff games; though no records are given. 

Before the 1939-40 season, the Detroit Red Wings would sign Mowers to a contract, but place him in the Michigan-Ontario League to start out with. While with the Detroit Pontiacs of the MOHL, Mowers played in 20 games before being promoted to the AHA's Omaha Knights, where he would play in 21 games and finish the year with a 16-5-0 record. 

The Red Wings would call on Mowers to start for them in 1940-41 season, starting 48 games and posting a 21-16-11 record, with a 4-5 playoff record. It was a little rougher in the 1941-42 season, where Mowers would go 19-25-3 for the Red Wings, but finish with a 7-5 playoff record-- one win short of a Stanley Cup. The redemption season for Mowers came in 1942-43, playing in 50 games and compiling a 25-14-11 record, then winning the Stanley Cup with an 8-2 record. In addition to the Cup, Mowers won the Vezina Trophy for top goalie, as well as making the NHL First All-Star Team. 

Along with some other players, Mowers left the NHL for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Mowers played with the RCAF in the 1943-44 season and would go 3-6-0 in nine games. Though he missed the 1944-45 season while serving, Mowers played for the Wembley Lions in the 1945-46 season. 

Mowers returned to the Red Wings in the 1946-47 season, he would only play in seven games and finish with a 0-6-1 record and was bothered by a back injury for most of the season. During the 1947-48-- Mowers played with the AHL's Indianapolis Capitols for two games, going 1-1-0 in that time before retiring due to that back injury. Not much was heard from Mowers after that and he would pass away in 1995.

While having a short-span in the NHL, Mowers made a big mark in the NHL with his strong play for two of this three full seasons. Though it was cut short, Mowers did what he thought was right when he went to serve his country. Even though Mowers didn't last too much longer when he came back; Mowers will forever be remembered, if only as a footnote in the trophy department. 

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