Monday, August 08, 2011

FOHS's Decade Under the Influence

(Yes, I ripped this off from a Taking Back Sunday song, deal with it)

It's kind of crazy that Face Off Hockey Show has been "on the air" for ten years. It's even weirder that we still keep going and don't get sick of it. Okay, not weird because we all like hanging out and talking with each other; but the point is this-- it's been a long crazy road we've been on.

All starting at the original studio in the two-car garage in Lanham, Maryland, where we used very old soundboards and an unusual set-up of things, but it felt like home. With only a few computers to surf and stream other things on the network-- the Face Off Hockey Show began.

It was a rough first couple of years, with myself being in Aston, Pennsylvania for the first year-- eventually traveling 90 minutes each way to do things in studio on Wednesdays; then the second year having Marc "with a 'C'" pledging for a fraternity, as well as he and I play on what is now known as the adult league team-- Deadeye, but we made it through.

Then the show moved to the Crofton studios-- more space, more freedom, fancy set-up and equipment and good times. That's probably one of the closest things we'll have to a radio station set-up without actually being on a radio station. That was heyday of BCM, with shows coming and going and a lot of things happening. However, while still in Crofton, I decided to move off to Calgary-- which put the future a bit in doubt after that third year. Though we've had issues with the sound quality-- the Calgary move hasn't been too shabby for the past seven years since that move.

Then the last move for the studio, which was into Sean's House in Perry Hall. It's got a more homey feel, with a bit less space; but still a space to ourselves. The network is just us doing our live show, which is a bit of an end of an era for the empire; but it shows that we can still get off our asses to do something new each and every Wednesday (521 and counting) and hopefully entertain and inform you.

Through these ten years, we've made plenty of friends-- both in the industry of hockey and fans who stumbled upon us. For each of those people; we're appreciative of what you've provided us-- whether it's content, suggestions, or even just a kind word or two (or even just lending an ear or two to listen)-- we can't thank you all enough for listening to us ramble on and on and on and still come back for more.

At the end of the day, we're still going strong and-- as far as I know-- have no plans to stop it from going. We've got a good thing and we like going on yearly trips to wherever the Draft is and meeting new people and reconnecting with our old friends who we may see only once a year. We appreciate people more than their status or what contacts they may have-- because if we didn't like them as friends; we won't associate with them-- simple as that.

And, because you're my friends and I like you (for the most part)-- if you listen to at 7:30 PM ET on Wednesday....we'll have clips of our FIRST EVER SHOW on August 8th, 2001 and making fun of how squeaky we sound and just how green we were. Plus, to show that the randomness isn't because we have nothing else to talk about-- but because it's who we are.

I can't stress it enough how appreciative I am to the people who have stuck with us for the majority of the decade we've been on, which has jumped since the lockout and thanks to social media like Facebook or Twitter (and mine). Thank you again and hope to see you through to the next ten years of Face Off Hockey Show.


Sean Leahy said...

Congrats boys! Been a listener since 2006!

Rhaen said...

Agreed. Congrats! 10 yrs is a long time to do most anything consistently. You kids are the coolest. Thanks for putting up with my intermittent craziness the last few years as well.