Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Your Consideration: Sunrise, Florida

Every year around TV/Movie awards time, some talent agencies have been known to send out reminders to the voters about their clients nomination; or even locations saying to choose there town to shoot a movie. With Free Agency around the corner, I couldn't resist trying to sell some of the markets that could use a big name player. This installation-- Sunrise, Florida and the Florida Panthers.

While they are the bottom of the list in salary accounted for, the team has shown some promise and very unassuming when it comes to their actual team. They're going to have fresh start with the coaching staff and should be able to meet an expectation of.....well, icing a team....but here's the reason to sign on with Sunrise's favorite (and only) team.

They Have The Cash: That's right, if you want to go to a place that's going to need to fill their roster, it's the Panthers. They'll have over $40M UNDER the cap, which means about $20M UNDER the floor; which means they'll have money to burn. With 11 players signed, odds are they'll be looking to get some big names.....or at least recognizable names, including the goaltending position.

It's Fan Friendly: If you sign there, you'll be showing you're one with the people. The team is already making waves in the community, asking the fans how they'd like to see in the line-up. Sure, that's probably a way to gauge who the fans actually want to see and who they could actually maybe get on the market, but still-- it's fun. Granted, there's tarps covering up the upper deck; but that's neither here nor there. If you act now, stuff the ballot box and maybe sway management to sign you.

Not Much Pressure in the Sun Belt: While other warmer climate cities like Phoenix and Tampa have some kind of expectations.....the Panthers haven't been in the playoffs since the 1999-2000 season; so if you don't carry the team to the second-season.....that's not on you, it's the franchise history that's dooming you. But if you do make it, you're a superstar.

They Are Seeing Red: No, it's not the Unwritten Law mainstream hit, nor are they trying to make a big Russian movement (that we know of); but the Panthers are going back to their roots. With the introduction of a red jersey, the Panthers harken back to the day of John Vanbiesbrouck, Pavel Bure, Scott Mellanby.....umm....Dave Lowry....errr....it really drops off from there, not going to lie. But still-- it adds to the redness that's going to be in the Southeastern Division.

So, if there's nothing else to think about and you want to deal with seeing Alex Ovechkin and Eric Staal a majority of the season, then the Florida Panthers are the team for you. Sure, they have a young squad; but even if you had some success with your other team-- you'll be the big man on campus when you sign with the Panthers. Plus, it's warm in the winter....so if the team still stinks-- you can escape to the beach right outside your door.

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