Friday, June 24, 2011

For Your Consideration: Denver, Colorado

Every year around TV/Movie awards time, some talent agencies have been known to send out reminders to the voters about their clients nomination; or even locations saying to choose there town to shoot a movie. With Free Agency around the corner, I couldn't resist trying to sell some of the markets that could use a big name player. This installation-- Denver, Colorado and the Colorado Avalanche.

The Avalanche have shown some promise in the past, but at the same time-- they haven't been able to consecutively string together good playoff performances. With a little veteran leadership, however, the fact remains that this is a team that has something going for them and if they get one or two more parts-- it's golden.

After This Year, It's You and Another Two: That's right, while it's sure to change-- if you're going to sign in Colorado, you'd be one of three players signed beyond the 2011-12 season. Only Paul Stastny and Cameron Gaunce are the players that'll be on the roster. Sure, we'll see Matt Duchene, Ryan O'Reilly, and the rest will probably follow suit, but to know a team wants to lock you up for a decent term before the "franchise" guys-- a nice start to the tenure.

Taking Breath Away: While the city there is already a fantastic looking area, it's a city that's in a higher atmosphere. Therefore, you better get your lungs ready for an off-ice conditioning. It may take some time to get accustomed to the entire climate of Colorado, but you'd have a distinct advantage over the opponents coming into it....or not, either way. Plus, if nothing else-- you won't need an flight to get into the Mile-High Club.

Stop-Gap Stopper??: With Peter Budaj on his way out, and unknown what's up with Brian Elliott, any goalie who could stop one out of 20 shots in 50+ games is golden. At the same time, the lack of defense may warrant the need for a goalie who is a proven starter if the Avs are trying to get successful and will give him the money. If they're looking for a stop-gap for the likes of Calvin Pickard coming up; then it could be an issue of getting a capable back-up to be the starter for two or three years.

Remembering the Legacy: It's been a rough time for the Avalanche in the few years when it comes to the playoffs. Now, it seems they're bringing out those old teams and really becoming the Edmonton Oilers to an extent by remembering the past while waiting for the present to become the future past.....wait, what?? Still-- maybe that motivation could come to the young kids and they'll magically get the whole winning spirit back again.

They do lack an ice girls picture, which is what really ran Craig Anderson out of town, but this is a team that has heritage on their side for it all and they do have the winning mentality with them. They'll probably have to wait in the end, but this team has a lot of promise and that's why you should sign a crazy long-term deal.

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