Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ups and Downs to Reuniting

Habs fans' hearts are a-flutter with the moves made by Bob Gainey in the past week. First, it started with Scott Gomez being traded to Montreal and has followed with the signings of Brian Gionta and Mike Camalleri, which could be a sign of a new offensive outlook for the Habs. Of course, their loss of Mike Komisarek is a hit on the defensive side, but the lack of sturdy offensive production needed to be addressed....apparently.

However, the thought of a reunion of the magic that Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez had in New Jersey could give the Habs faithful belief that it is still there even though they had spent two seasons apart. Considering they were solid the year after the lockout, but crashed the next season-- why is there such a buzz about the magic they had-- it was one good year. Albeit, the one good year is all it takes in some cases, but we're getting away from the point.

Was this move to sign Gionta after the trade for Gomez used in order to get the tandem back together?? Because if it was, it may have not been the best move. Sure, the chemistry they may share is a nice tool to have, but to believe that lightning can strike more than once is a little silly and short-sighted. Lest we not forget the fiasco that happened in Colorado with Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya in '03-'04 which was going to be used to spark the offense, but turned out to be a horrible, failed experiment.

While there are other tandems who were successful at the end of the day, odds are that if they have been apart for a time; the magic doesn't come back as it once did and will hinder a team's fortunes rather than help them. With the pressure to successed coupled with the pressure put forth by the media and fans alike; you can almost think that this is a recipe for failure for Gionta, Gomez, and ultimately the Habs. Of course, that failure could be Gainey's last stand-- but only time will tell if it'll be a risk that pays off for Gainey or not.

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