Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

Ellen Page is one of mine, but that's not what we're talking about here.

We're getting into the very craptastic part of the NHL off-season where most of the free agent signings, sans some, are done with and we're so close to the opening of camps, but not quite there yet-- much like a Serbian swimmer in the 100 meter butterfly.

Yet, to make sure us hockey fans don't go completely insane, we start to round up our buddies, readers, or listeners in order to organize our fantasy hockey league or hockey pools. For instance, we at the Face Off Hockey Show have already started sign-ups, as has Sean Leahy's Going Five Hole. What better way to hang out with fellow hockey fanatics and do your best Brian Burke impression should someone try to steal your waiver transaction during the season.

And while some out there are geeked about NHL 09 coming out-- us with no attention-span and can't spend hours in front of the 360 or PS3, fantasy hockey is our haven to be the GM and control a team without actually having to do much of anything but adjust line-ups and curse at the TV when our roster is sucking worse than a German prostitute.

Plus, it's a learning experience about guys on the rise and those on the fall. Picking up the players just about to break-out and dropping the guys who would are about to tank worse than the 1983-84 Pittsburgh Penguins. Although, thanks for past are able to win a championship picking Felix Potvin as your first pick thanks to Yahoo's messed up queue. Don't ask why he was in my queue, but he was there-- but still took the league championship.

But what makes fantasy hockey so great?? Is it the comradery?? Is it the smack-talk and bragging rights?? Is it the power over guys we don't know?? It's all of that and more. There's something about fantasy hockey that, to me, puts people over the edge. It makes things more passionate and really makes you toe the party line. For instances, there are some people out there who won't pick anyone off a rival team, no matter how good they are. It makes you want to yell out at players when you go to a game to pick up their scoring because you're down for the week on goals. Plus, it brings about knee-jerk reactions that can only happen in fantasy hockey....or on the Maple Leafs roster.

It's an addiction for some. Pick up all the fantasy guides out there, comparing each and then creating your own rankings. Going as far as making a site dedicated to your teams wheelings and dealings, as well as your own musings and abusings when it comes to teams, players, and whatever else is on your mind. It's more than a game, it's a way of life.

In addition to all of that, FOHS fan favorite and cult hero Jimmy Chunkybutter returns for another season of the FOHSHL report. Also, Jimmy will be opening his own blog soon, the Jimmy Chunky-Blog. It should be full of....well, drunkenness, who are we fooling?? It's something to look out for.

So, get your draft boards ready, get your forecasting done, because it's almost time to pre-rank your draft in case you have to miss out (heaven forbid). Of course, Yahoo picking for some hasn't been a bad thing-- nice pick, Yahoo.

Oh, PS-- if you want to join the FOHSHL, BE DIALIN!!!!!! Just shoot a line to and we'll get you on the list for the league. Fun times all around.

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