Friday, August 22, 2008

Desperately Seeking Stefan

If you haven't heard by now, the Stefan Legein story is one of the biggest of the summer that doesn't have to do with someone making up their mind about who and where to sign with. Legein has recently retired from professional hockey at the age of 19. There's plenty of speculation of why Legein is doing this and the motives behind it. Legein has come back with a retort to the speculation:

"I'd like for everyone to stop bashing my father, my family, and me personally. My family has been amazing. They have supported me and never forced me to do anything and to say its their fault is ridiculous. Take the time to talk to me before you accuse me of being addicted to anything, even if it's coffee. I realize you're going to speculate but please don't bash my character and especially my family."

And you know what, people should respect Legein and his family. To be honest, for a kid this age, you have to give him as much time as he can. Who knows what's going through his head and his reasonings behind it. The fact is, if he wants to call it a career at 19, sobeit. There's many of players who do the same thing for one reason or another and there's plenty more who should have hung them up, but didn't.

This could be a case where Legein, who is coming off a shoulder injury, is down on himself because his buddies are training for camps and he is unable to. It could be a case of thinking that because of this injury, he won't be able to play to the level that got him drafted in the first place. That, or he could have actually lost the desire to play at the NHL level for one reason or another. The fact is, we'll never know until Legein himself actually makes an official statement and decision on what he's going to do with his career.

The odd thing is, like I mentioned before, there are plenty of players who have retired at the same age-- why is Legein the one who is thrown into the fray like this?? What is it about Legein that gets him this much press?? Maybe that's something we'll NEVER find out because the media has their own agenda. If they were to back up and not just assume the worst to make a story-- Legein would be more open to give his side of the story.

As an aside, a person note to Stefan Legein-- if you finally want to get out your story-- UNCENSORED and UNEDITED-- please give me an email at so we can make something happen and you can get your story out in your own words and in as much time as you need. Just consider it when you want to Stefan-- we'd love to have your thoughts about it.

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