Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attention Tampa Bay Lightning-- Here's Your New GM

Mr. Koules and Mr. Barrie,

With the untimely departure of one Jay Feaster from the General Manager position, it seems like you're in the market for a suitable replacement. With things as they are in the headline-grabbing history that OK Hockey Enterprises has had in the last few months, I believe that I fit the bill of getting even more headlines by naming me your new General Manager. I mean, let's be honest, a 25-year-old Podcast personality with no front office experience, but the willingness to sell the product and keep the team in the headlines is just exactly what you need to keep the buzz going in "Hockey Bay, USA", as the city of Tampa has been called.

Now, as I mentioned, I'll be upfront and say I don't have any front office experience at the NHL, AHL, ECHL, or even SPHL level, but fantasy hockey-- forget about it. On the fantasy level, I have three championships to my name out of the 18 teams I've GM'd in six seasons. Plus, as I've said in the past-- fantasy hockey owners may know as much, if not a little more, than NHL GMs. Plus, what a story that would be-- a fantasy hockey geek turned NHL GM at a matter of chance, it would be followed thorough the season, if even in the littlest of segments. In addition, if I were to make the playoffs with the team-- not only will it help show naysayers that you were doing the right thing in ways of trades and free agency, but it will show that a winning team is not only won on the ice, but in the front office as well, with the people that makes up the top brass in the organization.

As it seems, it's a GM by committee in the Lightning organization; but I'm more than happy to be a figure head for the organization and take the brunt of the criticism if things go wrong. With my attitude that we make the moves we do for a reason and having the guts to not back down from any second-guessers, I think it's the best decision to let me go ahead and be the GM for this team.

Sure, this could be a tongue-in-cheek on the surface; but in the end-- it could be worse. With your willingness to try things out and my ability to promote and sell anything that is put in front of me, I'm ready to take over the position of General Manager for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I hope to hear from either of you soon concerning this job opening....or to set-up an interview for Face Off Hockey Show....either way.


Scott Wasilewski
aka: Scotty Wazz

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