Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stanley Cup Finals: (6E) New Jersey Devils vs. (8W) Los Angeles Kings

We've started in October and will end in June. All those games, all those goals, all those ice girls. It's time to put your money where you mouth is and away you go. The New Jersey Devils will take on the Los Angeles Kings for a chance to lift Lord Stanley of Preston's Chalice.

Los Angeles Kings will win the Cup in six games.


You want more??

Ummm...well....I don't know. It's hard to hate on the Cinderella story and the fact they have been so dominate in a tough division as the last's almost a fool's bet to bet against them.

Sure, I get that Martin Brodeur is going for another Cup to maybe end out his career, and while the Devils have been playing pretty decent selfish hockey....the Kings have really been too good over the top-three seeds in the West in succession. Sure, they haven't been pushed, but the fact the Kings have been pushing teams of that caliber around is not only good for their confidence, but really a warning to the Devils that they can't take them lightly, even as an 8th seed.

Luckily, with no horse in the race and no team I really hate-- I can enjoy this series and whoever wins it will deserve it and have a story to tell.

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