Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thanks For Coming Out, Boston Bruins

(While many have their obtiuaries for teams eliminated.....I'll do the same thing, but in a different/same way as others. How is that going to happen?? Well, I don't know until I do them.This all meant in good fun and to really make you think....or something) 

While it's getting harder and harder to repeat as Stanley Cup champion, you have to wonder if it's getting much harder to actually stay in the first round, as the Bruins become the second straight Cup winner to be bounced in the first round the next season.

The Bruins just ran into a gritty, tough.....Capitals team?? Alright then. The point is that this really was a series that could have went to either team and the Bruins didn't get the right bounce. That said, you have to wonder what kind of bounces were needed when the spark from the key guys weren't there.

When you have Rich Peverley as the leading scorer, you have to shake your head at why the likes of Milan Lucic, Tyler Seguin, and David Krejci aren't on the top of that list. You could even though Patrice Bergeron on that list, though he did have a wrist injury; which could account for his lack of production. Even so, was the Caps defense that stingy or what was Bruins offense that ineffective?? It really makes you wonder how invaluable having a healthy Nathan Horton in the line-up could mean to a team like Boston.

Defensively, there's not much to say except that when you have Joe Corvo and Greg Zanon out there on the ice at any given moment, you have fans holding their breath, despite Corvo somehow being a +3 for the series. That said, the force of Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg was enough to keep Alex Ovechkin off the ice for long haul, but wasn't enough to help keep the pucks out of the net for the Bs.

Speaking of keeping the pucks out of the net, Tim Thomas is apparently on the bad list for Bruins fans, because of the fact he didn't take the team to another Stanley Cup. And while Tuukka Rask could be ready to go for the starter's spot, do the Bruins actually keep Thomas or maybe see what they can get for him?? Thomas's NMC/NTC expires on July 1st and he could actually get moved during the summer; but he could be retained because of the experience he brings to the entire crew.

In the end, there's not much to be down about for Bruins fans, because while they're at a low point now, they still have the high point of last season-- which is more than other fan bases can say. While it's disappointing, at least the Red Sox and Celtics are still going strong....

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