Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Why Eric Francis Enrages Me, Volume 3,452

Eric Francis' douchebaggery knows no bounds. I've been saying it since 2005 and it seems people are cluing into it.

This time, the morning zoo jock at JACK-FM in Calgary had a little piece about the Russian junior's captain and Washington Capitals' prospect Evgeni Kuznetsov. To his point, Francis went on and on about how much of a selfish player he is and how he will fit into the "selfish-Russian mold" the Capitals have seemed to build. Because, as we all know.....Francis has been following the Caps beat for as long as anyone can remember.

Forget the fact Kuznetsov has seven assists this tournament. Forget the fact as a captain, Kuznetsov should be the one to be "selfish" on the ice and want to be the one to have the spotlight. Forget the fact that if Jaden Schwartz or any other Canadian would have done it, he would have been touted as a great leader-- the fact remains that this is just another point of Eric Francis ignorance and the fact him being a columnist is a bit of a joke, especially considering he took the time out to focus on the bad side of Kuznetsov's game rather than the Canadians melting down as they did.

Kuznetsov may be a little wet behind the ears-- sure, but at the same time; he did what any captain should do and make the heat and take the heat one way or another. He backed up his comment about looking forward to facing the Canadians and did what he needed to in order to get his team ahead (read: jawing/consoling Boone Jenner).

While Francis says that Kuznetsov is not much of a teammate, how does he know that?? Has he watched him this whole tournament-- because I know I haven't seen him in the media scrums in the mixed zone while I'm down there. Plus, if being selfish gets the job done, what does it matter how he is on the ice in terms of "being a teammate"?? Francis isn't in the room, he hasn't talked to the players, he hasn't done the leg work to get the actual beef of this story to see if Kuznetsov is actually a team player or only in it for himself. It's pure assumption, which is something I expect out of Francis-- who will get to spout this off on Hockey Night in Canada before getting put in his place by Mike Milbury and/or Elliotte Friedman.

For a guy like Francis, who seems to want to have all players controlled like his NHL12 team that he plays on his XBox, to question any player or coach's integrity-- much like he did with Darryl Sutter before his hiring in Los Angeles-- is absurd. You can't be a serious hockey reporter, while giving away Coldplay tickets to the ninth caller who gives the "phrase that pays." Sure, the CBC does pay some of his bills, so his nationalism is something that is expected, but to use the broad stroke brush he did is not only childish, but really lazy reporting-- which I guess is something we have become accustom to when speaking of Francis. 

There is no love/hate for Eric Francis-- it's mostly hate. Not only from me, but from most of the people who watch him, most of the people who read him, and whoever decides to listen to him-- if only to get those advance screening passes for the next crappy movie out. Yet, he proves that if you kiss enough ass; you'll go places in the business.


Captain Canuck said...

Amen. I've never liked the guy and was AMAZED that he got a job on HNIC.

A DJ has been hired as a hockey 'expert' on HNIC.... the world is going to hell and I'm stuck on the ride.

Sancho said...

I have never in my life agreed so much with a single article as I do with this one... well said Scotty...

I live in Calgary and i'm constantly embarrassed for all Calgarians every time Eric opens his ignorant mouth, or writes another garbage article.

Eric is the sole reason why I cancelled my Calgary Sun subscription and have boycotted JACKFM radio. The verbal diarrhea that comes out of him, should be considered as an environmental hazard...

The Blueliner on Point said...

You sir, deserve a standing O. Francis' comments are beyond ridiculous. What is this guy with all his spewing of hatred for Russian players? A Don Cherry wannabe? Pathetic. Excellent job as always, Scotty!