Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ovechkin/Crosby Post #3,297 of the Day

When Greg Wyshynski revealed that Alex Ovechkin was asked what he thought about Sidney Crosby's triumphant return, then it found its way on Twitter-- you could hear the collective grinding of teeth from Caps fans at the audacity of the question.

That's something I could understand, the Caps had just broke a four-game losing streak with a gritty win over a tough Western team and yet still-- the Ovechkin-Crosby debate raged on, I'm sure to many people's dismay.

While Crosby coming back was a notable thing, the fact in 48 hours people were already sick of it and wanted it to end. Crosby looked like he had never left from the ice, though the team he played against had a rookie making his first NHL start in net and aren't that good to begin with....but what better way to actually build his confidence over a team that's not going to pose too much of a threat-- as the two goal, two assist night would show you.

Yet, back to the question asked of Ovechkin-- it seems a little bit of a craptastic thing to talk about, especially since the Caps didn't play the Penguins and Ovechkin was on the ice playing his own game as the hype in Pittsburgh reigned on. Maybe to give Ovechkin a bit of time to watch the highlights from the night and then ask at practice today-- then it could actually be a legit question and get a better answer than "good for him."

That's my only complaint about it. Sure, Ovechkin has mired in a slump and Caps fans are getting restless with the team's lack of production and the attention their superstar has been getting because of his slump-- but the Ovechkin/Crosby thing will live on until one of them retired. They'll be forever linked and it's something that the fans on both sides will have to live with.

And is that such a bad thing?? Sure, it's gets annoying at times, but so do each of the team's fanbases when it comes to defending their superstar. I'm sure every team gets that way, but these two particular teams have fans that go over the rationality line. In any case, Ovechkin and Crosby being pitted against each other will step their games up accordingly, I'm sure. While the magnifying glass will be even bigger around both of them and will annoy everyone else-- it's good for the game to have these two prolific players put to the forefront, though one of them is off his game and the other is coming back from a serious injury-- as the games go on, you have to hope they'll both pick up their games throughout the rest of the season.

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