Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kyle Wellwood is so Phat

Who is this player and what has he done with Kyle Wellwood??

After signing with Winnipeg in September, Wellwood has been a house of fire for the new Jets. Through 11 games, Wellwood has five goals and eight points for the Jets; third in scoring and first in goals with the team.

Whether or not this stick the entire season remains to be seen, but his start is something that's promising for the lowly Jets this year. Even so, it's bound to be a career year for Wellwood, who's career high in goals is 18 (2008-09) and in points is 45 (2005-06). Barring an injury or major slump, he's well on his way to possibly being the most surprising player of the NHL this year, as well as finally following through on his promising junior career.

Yet, you have to wonder what happened with Wellwood and made him more motivated this year than years past. Was it his KHL excursion, letting him know how well he had it in the NHL and needs to actually work harder to stay there?? Is it the market he's in that made him motivated to do solidly, even though he couldn't muster that motivation in Toronto?? Did he want to shut up the Twitter hashtag for ever popping up again (try and stop us)??

Regardless of what happens, he's definitely a bright spot in a slow start to the Jets season. Again, if it continues or not, time will tell. Yet, considering the Jets probably didn't expect much from Wellwood when they signed him before the start of training camp, this is definitely giving them a lot of bang for their buck; even though it could also cause concern for their bigger name players out there who aren't as effective.

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OhHaiMark said...

Wellwood became a father at the end of last season, so it's possible that was a factor in his motivation. I think it's probably that combined with the whole KHL experience. Or maybe both those things made him more mature.