Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Draft Weekend Outlook

By this time tomorrow, yours truly will be in Ottawa; getting ready for the NHL Draft festivities. There's a lot of things that you can look forward too and a lot of things that should be looked out for this weekend. Here's a list of some that come to mind.

-This has been touted as the deepest draft ever, so it should be interesting to see where these players go. Outside of Steve Stamkos going #1 (and there's some who think even that's not a lock), the rest of the line could go any number of ways. Of course, we can't gauge a draft class for a while, but check in five years to see how these picks turn out.

-Trade rumors are going to be buzzing, especially concerning the host Ottawa Senators. There's already a buzz around about the Sens wanting to trade up to get a top-10 pick, but they'd have to give up the 18th pick and a roster player in order to do so, which could be too rich for Bryan Murray's blood.

-Also, what's going to happen with Patrick Marleau. With his no-trade clause and hefty salary extension set to kick in on July 1st, the Sharks seem to have Marleau in-play. Jonathan Cheechoo's name has also come up, though the Sharks may want to hold onto him for the short-term.

-Olli Jokinen has told the Panthers' management he would like to be traded. This could result in some major bidding during draft day. Granted, he could be traded after then, but it seems with all the GMs and management groups in one room, you'd think this would be the prime place to get a major deal like this done.

-What will FOHS spawn this draft?? Last year, our crew created the legend of the Sombrero, who is a local legend and of folklore to the folks of Columbus, as well as becoming a phenomena on the Interweb and in the DC media.

Should be an interesting weekend, and I'll be at ground level. Not only will I be checking in here with some updates as I hear it, but I'll be live-blogging on Going Five Hole during the first round of the draft. You should stay tuned-- I need to pack.

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