Monday, December 19, 2011

Absurd Goalie Monday: Ed Staniowski

This week's AGM was a guy who battled for a spot when it came to getting game time and being able to actually get a spot. After his career was done, he took on another battle that was entirely different. This week, the profile of Ed Staniowski.

As a junior, Staniowski played for the Regina Pats in the WHL from the 1971-72 season until the 1974-75 season, being the starter in those days, winning the Memorial Cup with the Pats in the 1973-74 season. Staniowski also played in the 1975 World Junior tournament, going 2-0-0 for Canada, as they would get silver in that tournament. Staniowski was the inaugural CHL Player of the Year in the 1974-75 season and was selected 27th overall by the St. Louis Blues in the 1974 NHL Draft.

Staniowski started his pro-career in the 1975-76 season with the Providence Reds of the AHL for 29 games, finishing with a 15-11-1 record, but got called-up to St. Louis for 11 games and compiling a 5-3-2 record, then going 1-2 in the playoffs. The 1976-77 season had Staniowski spend some time in the Central League, playing for the Kansas City Blues for 17 games (8-9-0) before being recalled to St. Louis, where he would play in 29 games and finish with a 10-16-1 record, before going 0-2 in three playoff appearances. The 1977-78 season had Staniowski start in St. Louis, but after going 1-10-0 in 11 games, he was sent to the Salt Lake Golden Eagles of the Central League, where he would go 18-13-0 in the regular season and 2-4 in the post-season. The 1978-79 season had Staniowski play in 39 games with St. Louis, but only going 9-25-3 before being shipped back to Salt Lake, where he'd go 2-2-1 in five games. Staniowski also played for Canada in 1979 World Championships, going 1-1-0 in three games. The 1979-80 season saw Staniowski play the majority of time in St. Louis, going 2-11-3 in 22 appearances, while getting sent back to Salt Lake for a 3-1-0 record in four games there. In the 1980-81 season, Staniowski had his best season in St. Louis, going 10-3-3 in 19 games that season, sticking with the big club the entire season.

However, in the summer of 1981, Staniowski was traded from St. Louis to Winnipeg. With the Jets in the 1981-82 season, Staniowski went 20-19-6 in 45 games, then 0-2 in the playoffs. The 1982-83 season saw Staniowski get much less playing time, going 4-8-0 in only 17 games with Winnipeg before being sent to the AHL's Sherbrooke Jets, playing 10 games there, going 1-7-0. The 1983-84 season saw Staniowski play only one game for the Jets, a no-decision.

Staniowski was traded to the Hartford Whalers in November of 1983 for former AGM Mike Veisor. Staniowski would go 6-9-1 in 18 games in that 1983-84 season. Staniowski would play only one game for Hartford in the 1984-85 season (a no-decision), before being sent to the AHL's Binghamton Whalers, where he would go 4-4-2 in ten games. Also, that season saw Staniowski play in nine games with Salt Lake again, going 4-5-0 in those games. After that season, Staniowski hung up the pads.

Immediately after retiring, Staniowski answered the call for his country, but not in a hockey sense. Staniowski joined the Canadian Forces Reserves in 1985 and has made many tours overseas-- including Afghanistan, Africa, Bosnia, and the Middle East. He served as the Senior Advisor to the Armed Forces in Sierra Leone and is now the Director of Primary Reserve training in Kingston, Ontario. Staniowski was going to enroll in the Royal Military College in Kingston before he was drafted by the Blues.

For a guy who braved the shots in the NHL, there's probably nothing more braver for Staniowski than to put himself into the Armed Forces and serve his country like he has been doing for almost three decades. While he may have never left his mark much on the NHL, he has beyond that to people who need it.

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