Monday, September 05, 2011

On the Topic Of Tryout Contracts

While the shooter-tutor and small child won't get offers, we stand only a few weeks from NHL camps opening up, the slew of tryout contracts that are out there aren't surprising. However, there are some interesting names that are out there when it comes to the tryout basis, especially for the teams that signed them up to begin with. The list that I has, goes as such:

-Fabian Brunnstrom, Detroit Red Wings: For a kid who was hyped and sought after when he was a free agent in Sweden, he seemed to fizzle in the Dallas heat. Whether or not he'll thrive in Motor City remains to be seen, but if there's a team that has the ability to turn one team's trash into a treasure-- it's the Red Wings. They've picked diamonds in the rough for the better part of the past decade and if they are able to figure out where Brunnstrom is supposed to fit in, sell him on it, and then have him succeed; it could be a great reward for a small risk.

-Michael Nylander, Philadelphia Flyers: With the neck injury he suffered, it was unknown whether or not that Nylander would be able play again, but it seems that the Flyers have some sign of faith in Nylander to at least give him a look. While he could work very well with Jaromir Jagr, the speed of the game seemed to have taken it's toll on Nylander, as seen during his days in Washington. However, with the lack of offense the Flyers have, it could result in #92 suiting up in the City of Brotherly Love.

-David Aebischer, Winnipeg Jets: While his time in the Swiss league has been rough to say the least, the Jets really lose nothing in trying to stack up their minor league or at least give Aebischer one last kick in the can for the NHL. For a team that's under new.....well, everything, it's the perfect spot for Aebischer to make a good first impression. Though it's unlikely he'll unseat Ondrej Pavelec or Chris Mason; should he want to play in the AHL-- it will be there for his taking. Yet, they would have to get over his contract with HC Lugano; but they'll cross that bridge if they get to it.

-Owen Nolan, Vancouver Canucks: If nothing else, this could breath some life into the "NHL '94" franchise, should Nolan be able to to make the Canucks. He's one of the few left from that fantastic game, but he could also give some more veteran presence in the room. With 26 points in 24 games over in the Swiss league-- he does seem to have SOME positives to him on the ice, though it'll be seen if he can make it work during the camp.

While there are others (Chris Clark, Jay Pandolfo to name a couple), these are the guys who I think will definitely be ones to look at and will probably make the most noise in the camp-- for the better or worse.


Baseballislife1984 said...

I hope Nolan makes it back to the NHL with the Canucks!

Matt Reitz said...

Good luck to David Aebischer... I guess St John really needs a goalie.